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Luggie Scooter Reviews

Read what genuine Luggie scooter owners have to say about their experiences..

Stephen Jones on his Luggie Travels
Stephen Jones on his Luggie Travels
Keith was very helpful- Anonymous

Keith was very helpful and friendly I have now been able to get the scooter in my car on my own and visit my local B&Q for the first time in 5 years. Thanks

To say the scooter was marvellous is putting it mildly. Pat and Keith Carter

I am writing to let you know what a great time Keith and I had in Crete two weeks ago. To say the scooter was marvellous is putting it mildly,we got a taxi to places too far to walk with me on elbow crutches,and then enjoyed things normally but slowly once we arrived. Taxi drivers were super, and cafes and restaurant people did not mind at all, rushing to help us and seating us comfortably. I have to say I could not see this happening over here!

The pilot and staff were very interested both times when it came to folding it up, and it caused a lot of wows and look at that remarks. You did say one and a half minutes to fold and so it was, many ,many thanks!!

Our thanks again and very best wishes from Pat and Keith Carter.

It is so much easy to get about the bungalow- Mr Donald Gardiner

We have put the doors back on our rooms now I have my Luggie. It is so much easier to get about the Bungalow as I am in charge of the steering.

By all means check out the competition, and I’d bet pounds to pennies that you’ll choose the Luggie and be delighted with it

Conclusion: The Luggie makes life easy for Everyone.

I’ve put the conclusion first for those who don’t want to read a lot. Mobility equipment has to be easy for the sick or disabled person and their carers to use. It has to be convenient and reliable, not extra exhausting hassle. In scooters as in cars, you don’t expect a Mini to do the job of a Jeep. They are designed for different uses and both have their merits. The Luggie won’t take a weekly grocery shop home up a steep hill, but as a travel scooter, it is second to none.

The Luggie Elite was bought to replace a Pride Revo 4, which was so heavy to disassemble and put in a car boot that it wasn’t used very much. In two months I have used the Luggie Elite more than the Revo had been used in 9 years. The Luggie Elite is more comfortable than the Revo and performs better, particularly on hills. The build quality is superb and the metals used are top quality, although the plastics on the tiller seem a little cheap.

The Luggie is so portable. It has been on several train journeys, a few buses, taxis and ferries, as well as private cars. It is so easy to include it in everyday life, and this has had a good effect on relationships with family and friends. You don’t have to have strong men at hand to help you get it out of the car and put all the heavy pieces together and then do it all again in reverse. I have just been on holiday with a group of friends who used to get impatient with the time needed for assembling/disassembling, especially if it had to be done at several places on one day. They were very impressed with the convenience of the Luggie, and one of them is a GP. The Luggie makes life easy for everyone.

It can be used indoors, even in homes that do not have specially widened doorways. Being so portable, it is great for hospital appointments, which are usually along very long passageways and quite a distance from the car park or bus stop.

You don’t need a special hoist to get the Luggie in and out of a car, and that’s great because your family and friends are unlikely to have such a hoist in their vehicles. (Hoists would be needed for other brands of mini scooters as they don't have the flexible folding choices the Luggie has. Rented cars and taxis don't have hoists, and you are unlikely only ever to travel in your own car.)

By all means check out the competition, and I’d bet pounds to pennies that you’ll choose the Luggie and be delighted with it.

Things to bear in mind: I have a large 3 wheeled scooter for everyday use, plus I had the Revo and I have used various other scooters from Shopmobility from time to time. The Luggie does not ‘handle’ like other scooters do, so I strongly urge new Luggie owners to take time to get to know their machine before taking it to unfamiliar places. It is a fabulous machine, but it is different, and there will be a learning curve.

It is probably not the best piece of equipment to choose if you cannot walk at all. At times I have had to put my feet on the ground to ease the Luggie up a small kerb or to balance when I have approached a change of terrain from the wrong angle.

You have to be fairly fit to use a Luggie successfully. My ability is about 40% of what it was before I was ill and I cope well with the Luggie now. But when my ability was only 5% of what it had been, the Luggie would not have been the best choice in terms of support and suspension.

Having said all that, I can say sincerely that the Luggie was an excellent buy, and has opened up new possibilities for me and my family. The Luggie can go places other scooters can’t and as it is so ‘luggable’ it gets used very frequently. My partner and I firmly feel that the Luggie has been a marvellous investment and we look forward to lots of fun with it for years to come.


The service was wonderful- Robin Burton

The service was wonderful, contacted them at 10.00 it was demonstrated & delivered by 13.00. The scooter is proving to be just the job, and has given me such freedom, as I can get it in and out of the car by myself. Thank you so much.

My Luggie has opened the world to me again- Caroline Hall

My Luggie has opened the world to me again, since suffering a spinal stroke in 2012. In the few months my luggie and I have flown to Turkey and Holland allowing me to enjoy my holiday with no problems! I finally have been able to join my friends shopping and socialising even managed the Cumbria County Show! Caroline Hall

The Luggie gives freedom... Brenda Browning

The Luggie gives freedom from crutches and ability to explore previously inaccessible places. Worth its weight in gold

Dubai Adventures with the Luggie Scooter Mike Jeffery from Norfolk

Having purchased the Luggie Elite last year I have found that it as been a great help transporting me around. We then decided that we would venture with the Luggie to Dubai...

where our daughter and son-in-law live. To do this I bought the Luggie travel bag which enabled us to pack the scooter and transport it with ease and safety. The start of our adventure was on the 16th December and we flew with Emirates Airlines. They were extremely courteous and helpful. Emirates did not charge for the stowing of the Luggie but the battery had to be removed and carried in the hand luggage. When we arrived at Dubai the Luggie was safely delivered to us having been transported as “Fragile”. We unfolded the scooter the following day and have used it on a regular daily basis throughout our 3 week stay in Dubai.

Cruise ship celebrations aboard the Luggie- Mr Peace

Here is a selection of pictures from one of my recent trips. The other 2 Queens RV'd here in Lisbon and then we sailed together to Southamton to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the QM2 earlier this month. Mr Peace

Demonstrator was very good, so nice and polite- Susan Radov

Rep was very good, showed myself and husband everything about this scooter.

It is fabby, I spent time riding around house to get feel of it, plus going through doors, no problem. Husband very impressed with this item, folds in seconds, straight into car, rep was so nice and polite. Susan Radov

Happy New Year from June & Donald Walker

Here is a picture from Barbados taken on our christmas cruise,for your archives. Happy new year from June and Donald Walker

A good buy!- Trevor Tomasin

I purchased my Luggie earlier this month. I found it easy to assemble, load into the boot of my Mondeo and ride around the town, visiting the community centre and seafront cafe. A good buy!- Trevor Tomasin

Luggie visits Mecca Saudi Arabia. Kaz Laljee from Walkden
The ability to manoeuver in tight spaces around the home, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom is its real USP and is one often undersold. Stephen Jones, Glamorgan

Walking for me is now almost impossible, so Luggie has become my closest non-human friend. (i am lucky to have 3 Luggies, one downstairs, one upstairs and one in my adapted car.) They are also such a good looking machine (the all black one is in particular)

In my view they a stunning engineering design and I am still being impressed by its abilities even after owning and using for over a year as they continue to outperform expectations.

The ability to manoeuver in tight spaces around the home, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom is its real USP and is one often undersold. Other scooters would not even get a 'look in' on the versatility around the home.

So I don't leave home without one and I don't go home without one. I couldn't.

When I did my Safari trip last year I travelled from Heathrow to Nairobi on British Airways. I actually rode Luggie to my seat, it was folded by my friend and stored in the Cabin ( not in the hold) by a wonderful cabin steward. On landing, I was able to ride the Luggie off the plane from my seat. That was hugely impressive and so convenient. How many scooters could do that? When we arrived in Nairobi , late, we were taken at breakneck speed on the roughest dirt road ( all six of us ) to Hamilton airport, we were told by our driver that this was a shortcut and was only way to make our 2 hour flight to the Mara safari camp which was due to leave in 20 minutes. Only a 10 seater single engine prop but Luggie went in hold easily

On arriving at the camp, the real star attraction for the Masai warriors who greeted us, should have been my travel companion and close family friend, the world famous opera star, Bryn Terfel , although Luggie seemed to be of far more interest.

There for 6 nights and then back to UK for 30 minutes before all of us flying straight to Gibraltar and crossing into Spain, which I did on Luggie at height of border troubles. We crossed airport runway on Luggie in double quick time.

My wife, Rebecca Evans, who is a grammy award winning opera star, did a private solo charity concert last year at Buckingham Palace and I was invited to the dinner afterwards. Riding Luggie into the inner courtyard of the palace and was able to ride Luggie to dining table and lower the main column and dine at the palace whilst still seated on my comfy Luggie. My wife also performed at the Royal Opera House in June this year and I was lucky enough to have been invited to the Royal Box, taking Luggie was no problem and I was able to see the opera in the Royal Box whilst seated in my Luggie. So it gets to parts where other scooters just would not fit.

I have also taken to Luggie to the Houses of Parliament and there are some very very small and antiquated lifts in the HoC but Luggie fits in all of them, easily.

Well that's my musings done for today.

I have lots more photos and video and when I get back to the UK, I will put some together and send them to you.

In the meantime I'm off to the pool......



Stephen Jones on his Luggie Travels- Africa
Luggie has given us back our quality of life!- David & Denise Brown

Amazing! Luggie has opened up a whole new lifestyle...

enabling independence for my husband, but also for me! We can enjoy holidays again! Without the effort of pushing a wheelchair. ''Luggie'' is the best investment we have ever made! We can live again- no worry about being housebound- we can go wherever we choose. Brilliant purchase- so easy to use and means independence for me, best thing we have ever spent our money on!

I enclose some photos of my Luggie, named 'Luigi'! - Heather Hockin

He really has made a huge difference to my life, as I have retained my independence, & am able to travel with our friends.

I enclose some photos of my Luggie, named 'Luigi' Here is one in Senor Frogs in Playa del Carmen in Mexico. January 2014 He has also been to Brisbane, & Sydney, as we followed the British Lions tour last year. We saw Shane Williams so often that he stared asking how 'The Ferrari' was! There is also a picture on 'The Edge' on the Sky Deck, 66 floors up in Eureka Tower in Melbourne in Australia, June 2013. He really has made a huge difference to my life, as I have retained my independence, & am able to travel with our friends.

Luggie in Smart Car Cabriolet

After a lot of research on the internet, we decided to visit Local Mobility at Leigh to try out a Luggie. We were very pleased to be able to drive one straight out the shop for a test drive!

This combined with a demonstration by the staff of how easily the Luggie folds & unfolds, convinced us that this was the scooter my wife had been looking for.

It evens fits in boot of our Smart Car Cabriolet, which means we take it everywhere. It's a brilliant bit of kit and the staff at Leigh were friendly and knowledgeable.

Family holiday with the Luggie

I thought I'd just report back about travels with my Luggie. I'd bought it to take on my visits to family in Oslo and I have to say its performance exceeded my expectations.

At Manchester airport on the way out the young lady at the baggage check-in was reluctant to accept my scooter because of its weight. However I pointed out I'd travelled with SAS before with a much heavier electric wheelchair. Eventually I was directed to a hidden away special baggage area where they accepted it without question.

I met a man with the identical scooter and case who was also flying with SAS albeit on a different flight and we compared notes. We'd both had the same experience. Thereafter everything went absolutely smoothly. As I travel alone I have to have help in the airport terminals and no-one refused to 'dolly' the case. Likewise taxi drivers were most obliging - I always asked for estate cars. For the return flight I did put the battery in my hand luggage in order to reduce the weight of the scooter case but I don't think I need have bothered.

In the Oslo suburbs the Luggie coped perfectly with the steeper paths and pavements and it went with me on the T-bane (underground) into the city centre. I didn't go on buses but they are mostly wheelchair accessible. I am now planning my next trip!

We love my Luggie

As I am unable to walk very far, I regularly use mobility scooters to get around. I have a large one to travel longer distances and up and down the steep hills around our home, and a smaller one that breaks down into three parts to fit into a car. This is the one we have relied on for travelling, taking it by road and air, but for a recent trip we planned to travel through Europe by rail, all the way from St. Pancras to Switzerland, returning through Germany and Brussels. How would we manage on the trains, especially the small mountain trains?

Fortunately, we saw an advert for The Luggie and decided to give it a try. It proved invaluable, so easy to fold and fit into the luggage spaces on every kind of train, as well as for getting around hotels, tourist attractions, in and out of taxis. It is also much lighter than my other scooters for lifting, which means less strain for my wife when helping me when helping Me.

The Luggie mobility scooter is robust, able to withstand all the folding and unfolding, and rough handling by porters and other helpers! As the batteries are light, I was always able to carry a spare, in a small rucksack on the back of the seat. I have been amazed at the way my Luggie scooter performs on all kinds of terrain, up and down hills, around tight corners and in public places. Several times whilst travelling in Switzerland we were approached by others who wanted to buy it, or get one like it! I highly recommend the Luggie to anyone, particularly for travelling on any form of transport. My wife and I are now planning another trip to Germany.

Luggie Holidays in Crete

Just to say that I've just returned after three and a half weeks in Crete with the Luggie. Fantastic! It allowed me to get about town and country and get to places I wouldn't otherwise have been able to.

It was so easy to get in and out of the hire car and meant that we could park anywhere because I had my own transport.

I'm going to post a bit on the BBC Ouch website about how easy it was to get there by plane and am also posting a link there to my blog about my Luggie experiences.

The off board charger was particularly useful and enabled me to eave the Luggie in the car at the end of the day and just take the battery into the house to recharge.

Luggie onboard Azura cruise ship

The Luggie (and its owner) performed beautifully onboard Azura. We were constantly being stopped by other passengers asking what it was and where did we get it. It was transported on and off board with all our other luggage and was waiting for us when we reached our cabin. It was certainly an excellent buy. Elaine and Eddie Parmenter.

So Liberating

I am just writing to say that “Pricilla” is now settled and enjoying the freedom she give me!

She arrived at the right time, I was away the day of delivery but we unpacked her box but not the one that had been delivered via courier, when we got home that evening and then I got a phone call from my sister to say my mother had been rushed into Bedford Hospital and it was serious.

Ordinarily I would have been unable to go but with Pricilla I was able to get myself about once in Bedford, and that was just so LIBERATING! I must also thank the delivery person for being so generous in his time and patience with me in organising the best way to get her to me, and for the ultimate safe delivery of her!

Now looking forward to many outdoor events

I have tried out my Luggie at the Local Garden centre and was pleased to say i was able to manage easily with the help of my hoist to lift in and out of the car. The run about trial was very successful and i look forward to many outdoor events with my husband in the future. Thankyou for all your help.

Luggie onboard a flight from Taiwan to LA

I just wanted to share this photo with you. I took my Luggie on a flight from Taiwan to LA. I was able to drive from the terminal all the way to my seat. The ground staff can handle the Luggie very easily as it is very light and took it down to the storage area in the plane.

Luggie Elite Review- Mr Barnes, Somerset

I am now the owner of the recently introduced new Luggie Elite mobility scooter which has to be the lightest (23kgs) on the market!

It gives a superb ride but above all is easily transported in a car. I made my purchase from the main dealer - Local Mobility UK in Leigh Lancs, where my enquiry was dealt with in a most professional manner by Paul. I was most impressed by the fact that instead of simply delivering the scooter by courier, the firm actually sent their own rep from Lancashire to Somerset to deliver, unpack and make certain that the machine was fully demonstrated. I am now looking forward to a two week cruise in May to the Canary Islands where I know I will very much appreciate my new Luggie Elite scooter.

Thanks to your staff got their friendly and professional help- Mrs Isherwood, Accrington

I wish to say thanks to your staff got their friendly and Professional help

It is nice in this day and age to deal with Polite and pleasant people, as they are.

The Folding Mobility Scooter is fantastic!- Liza, Surrey

The Folding Mobility Scooter is fantastic!

Due to its folding capability, its very easy to carry during travel. It is the most convenient mobility scooter I could find for travelling.

Luggie at the garden centre - Anne Race, Fleet, Hants

I have tried out the luggie at a local garden centre and pleased to say I was able to manage it with the help of my car hoist to get it in and out of the car.

The run about trial was very successful and I look forward to many outdoor events with my husband in the future. Kind regards Anne Race, Fleet, Hants

Extremely pleased with my luggie! - Marleine, Poole.

Many thanks for your help, I am extremely pleased with my Luggie! Tested it in the shops at the Mall, great. Now planning to take it on holiday.


It's in one word.... Brilliant!

Dear Keith, Thanks very much for your help. It's one word "brilliant!" I have been out on it lots and its great whizzing in and out of clothes racks in shops. The Freedom is just fantastic!

In Main Street Disney World Florida- May Cropley
The customer services of your entire organisation are second to none

I'm in total awe of my Luggie!

Hi Keith, Apologies for the delay in contacting you but I have been too busy scooting around the Greater Manchester area on my new Luggie. It is simply wonderful. I spent six hours in the trafford centre on wed. 2nd of August and then a further seven hours in Fleetwood and freeport on the 3rd. Never in my life could I have dreamed of going around such vast areas in the past on foot. I just wouldn't have been able to. After an hour of walking anywhere, I usually decide that is enough and head for home.

I'm in total awe of my Luggie. Keith I cannot thank you enough for all your help and assistance via our email, and by the way, your directions where perfect! The other people I want to say a Very Big Thank you to are Paul and Peter. Paul could not have done more to demonstrate how the Luggie works and folds up. He was so patient and respectful in all my dealings with him. I hope that I noted all his advice and so far, so good, I'm getting there. Please convey my sincere thanks to him from me. Equally, Peter was so helpful in getting the bits and pieces to show me and I would like to thank him sincerely for all his advice and help..

The customer services of your entire organisation are second to none, Thank you all!

Everywhere we go we are asked about the Luggie! Mr and Mrs Law

Everywhere we go we are asked about the Luggie!

I have even had people come to the house to try it out! We were on holiday lately and a lady asked if she could let her mother see it so yes we love it! Mr and Mrs Law

Excellent Mobility with many good features - Ms K E Faulds

Excellent Mobility with many good features easy to travel on trains planes etc. comfortable to use. I love it! Latest Battery Technology. - K E Faulds

For me its Freedom! - Mrs S M Coventry

for me it is freedom I can go up the aisles in clothes shops,

it goes in the back of the car , and travels everywhere with us, takes up no more room in the car than that of a suitcase. Mrs S M Coventry

Really impressed with new improvements- Irene Law & W. Law

This is now my husbands second Luggie and I am really impressed with the improvements specifically the speed control and the extending handle bars. Also the moveable back bar at the back is easier to lift in to the car

A New Lease of Life! - Mr and Mrs Quayle

Luggie Scooter has given my husband a new lease of life....

Easily folded and transported means we can get out and about and it doesn't take up much space in the boot. The Luggie was a good investment. K & J Quayle

He Was So Excited! - Miss E Aasim

I recently took my Luggie to Edinburgh Castle,

a place previously inaccessible to me. It gave me complete accessibility. Whilst there I was bemused to see an oriental gentleman watching me constantly. Eventually he came over to talk to me. He was absolutely mesmerised by my Luggie - Especially when I demonstrated its collapsible ingenuity! He was so excited! He went away ruefully saying that nothing like this was available in in china as he would like one for his mother! Made My Day!

The Luggie Lives up to all expectations! - L Chapman

The Luggie lives up to all expectations, I can honestly say

that this scooter has out performed the two already own - the design I doubt could ever be improved - Its functionality in every aspect that the disabled require. Its profile is easily reduced for transportation and what is more it is unobtrusive when in store shopping - L Chapman


Three cheers for the Luggie, it has turned my life around. Shopping is now a pleasure again- I am constantly being stopped by people wanting to know about it. It is a pleasure to 'drive' it being so manoeuvrable and as my husband is registered blind its ease of assembly is Super.

The Luggie is small, smart and portable. San TSang

The Luggie looks Small, Smart and Portable, easy to use. I am very happy with it.

My Luggie has had an exciting year! Jessica Skippon

My Luggie has had an exciting year

My Luggie has had an exciting year but unfortunately very few photos (despite my pleading with husband or sister to take some decent photos, they aren't nice at all. The best, taken at Henley Royal Regatta in July, is attached. The Luggie and I have been to Monet's Garden in Giverny. I will attach that photo as proof that I was really there, but I wasn't about to weep, despite what the picture says. We've also been to Salt Lake City, New York, Abu Dhabi and Byron Bay, Australia and Vienna. All trips have been safe and relatively trouble-free. The challenge has been to convince the ground staff at the airports not to lift the Luggie by the steering handle. We have put a very big label on the carry handle saying "Please use this to lift" but there is always an anxious moment when the Luggie and I are reunited at the gate. The most recent problem (US Air) was when they insisted I hand over the battery. I spent that flight worrying about whether I would see the battery again, but they were really good about keeping them together.

I was very pleased with it very smooth and quite. A H Green

I used my Luggie for the first time yesterday, it fitted in the car perfectly, I was very pleased with it and was very smooth and quite.

I am looking forward to using it more in the better weather. S D + M Rankin

Very much appreciated, Am looking forward to using them more since the weather had improved, My husband and i have one each got one. They are worth the weight in gold for convenience, and getting out and about.

The Luggie has transformed my mobility. Rosemary Millingon

The Luggie has transformed my mobility, It is so much more slimmer and mobile especially in indoor situations like shops! It is so much lighter/quicker for my husband to handle.

Everywhere we go we get asked about the luggie. William Law

Everywhere we go we are asked about the Luggie. I have even had people come to the house to try it out. We were on holiday lately and someone came up to us and asked if we her mother could look at it.

It folds smaller than baby buggies. Kenneth Redford

It folds smaller than some baby buggies into a slimline two foot giant that's superbly portable without compromising its primary function as a scooter.

I love it! Brian Sizier

Have now used the luggie on many cruise ships where it will drive into any stateroom, turn, and drive out again, it does a full days activity and charges over night,is is easily taken by 'tender to shore' will fit in a taxi, buses and planes without any additional charge or difficulty. I love it!

The luggie lives up to all expectations. L. Chapman

The luggie lives up to all expectations - I can honestly say that this scooter has out performed the two I already own- Its design i doubt could even be improved - It is functional in every aspect that the disabled require. Its profile is easily reduced for transportation and what is more it is un-obstructive when shopping.

Compatible to use, I love it. Kathleen E Faulds

Excellent mobility with many great features. Easy to fold, easy to travel on train, planes etc. Compatible to use, I love it. Latest battery technology.

For me it is freedom. Mrs S M Coventry

For me it is freedom, I can go up the aisles in clothes shops it goes in the back of the car. It travels everywhere with us, takes up no more room in the car that a large suitcase would.

Luggie scooter has given my husband a new lease of life. Ken & Joyce

Luggie scooter has given my husband a new lease of life. Easily folded & transported which means we can get out and about. It doesn't take up much space in the boot - Luggie was a good investment.

Brilliant scooter, so compact. Peter Weir

Brilliant scooter, so compact.

I was able to take it on the aircraft with me. John Ranger

I have found my freedom again, i can go out and get the paper in the mornings. Also i have been able to take it on an aircraft for our holiday, which enabled me to get out and about with my wife around the resort with ease.

Love mine! so easy to transport anywhere.

Love mine! so easy to transport anywhere. Ships, Planes! Aboon to those who has difficulties in walking long distances. Now can keep up with the family on shopping trips to large shopping malls.

The quality is first class. J. M Trimble

The luggie is my third scooter and is the most usable due to its compact nature when folded and performance which is as good as other 4mph scooters. i have limited knee movement and leg room is good. The quality is first class.

Good communication through out. Mrs C Savinson

Good communication through out, Prompt demonstration and delivery. The demonstrator spent a lot of time with me, letting me try the scooter and holding my dog whilst i was on it. I wanted to see if i could hold the dog while on the scooter!

Made my day.

I recently took my Luggie to Edinburgh Castle - A place previous in-accessible to me. It gave me complete accessibility. Whilst there a chap was constantly watching me, eventually he came over to talk to me. He was absolutely memorized by my Luggie - especially when i demonstrated its collapsible ingenuity! He was so excited! He went away ruefully saying that nothing like this was available in China as he would of liked one for his mother. Made my day.

Its so easy to get in and out of the car. Chistopher Wheeler

I use my Luggie exclusively for shopping because its so easy to get in and out of the car.

Highly recommended. Jonathon Stanley

Its had been a marvelous aid to help me cover distances when i had difficulty with my MS in walking. Airports, stations, car parks, shops and restaurants were all made easily available. Highly recommended.

I would highly recommend this product. Mr Brian Talbot

I love my luggie because i can get around the shops with ease. I can turn in tight spaces too. It folds up and fits into the boot of the car in minutes also i take it on buss's,and trains, there has been a lot of thought gone into the design of the Luggie. I would highly recommend this product!!!

I use my Luggie all the time. Robin Hood

I use my Luggie all the time, it has traveled the world with me. It lives in my car and I use it wherever and whenever I travel in the UK and worldwide

A marvelous machine Mr B L Sizeir

A marvelous machine, I have used it on the London underground on a Olympics day out. I can drive it into a ship stateroom with ease and turn. It easily goes on ships, Taxi's,coach's etc and a joy to use in restaurants. So easy to use, only seconds to convert it. I charge it overnight at home and on a 12v via a convert in the car boot.

Luggie has carried my 17 stone frame all over Disneyworld Florida!

Luggie has carried my 17 stone Frame all over Disneyworld Florida! It's great for catching planes- I can ride it to the door and be independent at airport. It folds down small and fits in my motorhome too and is used to tow water carriers on campsites- it even knows the way home from my pub. With Luggie I am free!!!

A. P John

Easy to assemble- Mr Michael Wells

I found it easy to assemble from the transfer to the carboot as stated in your brochure it is very stylish and gets admiring glances and comments.

compelled to email to register my thanks- Brad Francis

I feel compelled to email to register my thanks to your Representative Allan Richardson

who was extremely courteous and professional when he visited me at my office to give me a demonstration of the excellent Luggie Elite. I was in two minds whether the Luggie was suitable for my specific needs, both medically and Lifestyle and I was also auditioning other Boot Scooter brands to ascertain their suitability. It was a close shave in this fiercely competitive sector of the mobility scooter market, but I am delighted to say that because of Allan’s attention to detail and the flexible Elite’s cutting-edge design – was sold, on-sight!

The Luggie really does let me live a life that I can plan and enjoy- Ms Skippon

I've just found a half-way decent photo in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. My sister and I drove up for the day and it was fabulous. The Luggie really does let me live a life that I can plan and enjoy. Many thanks, Jessica Skippon

My research was worth it!- Mrs J Crosbie, Ambleside

I did a lot of research and came up with the Luggie as being the best and it has been! Narrow, neat, light so portable and reliable. I couldn't do without it- inside the house and out. Mrs J Crosbie, Ambleside

My Luggie scooter went down a storm on the ship. Mrs I Jordan

I have recently returned from a holiday on the Queen Mary 2

and thought I would let you know that I took my Luggie scooter with me and it went down a storm on the ship. There was so much interest in it I think I could have sold it a few times over and/or hired it out with enquiries of was it my own or hired onboard.

It was a good ice breaker for people to speak to me, though that may have been the yellow colour, which made people smile as I approached them.


Mrs I Jordan

On board Queen Mary 2 the transatlantic crossing- May Cropley
On holiday in Bemuda- May Cropley
Keith gave a first class demonstration- Mrs Valerie Tovey

Purchased my Luggie last week, mainly for ease of getting it into the car by myself, to be able to go out on my own at last and to travel with it (plane, train etc.) and have it to use at destination, already is for-filling those needs. Would like the speed control by the charge gauge. Keith gave a first class, slow demonstration, so I could take it all in. An asset to your company

Stephen Jones on his Luggie Travels
Luggie scooter has given me a new lease of life- L. W. McCullough

Since owning my new Luggie scooter it has given me a new lease of life.

I can no get my morning paper and pop round the Doctors on my own. As for the design I think its absolutely marvellous. Very satisfied customer.

Luggie Travel Bag Review- Emily Wood, London

I am an avid Luggie user and I have purchased quite a few pieces of equipment through Luggie over the past few months. I can honestly say it has changed my life. For the past 3 years I have had chronic pain condition which means I can't walk more than 20 metres. Before my Luggie I had to use a wheelchair which due to my condition I couldn't push myself and so I was entirely reliant on other people helping me. As a very active and busy young woman with a 2 year old child to look after you can imagine how hard this was...

A few months ago I got the Luggie Scooter on the Access To Work scheme, it has felt as if I have been given a ray of sunshine. I can get to work by myself, I can take my daughter to the park, I can go to the shops, socialise with friends…. all the simple things in life! Emily Wood

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Our Service is second to none. Nationwide coverage means you are never too far from one of our representatives. Should you have a issue with your scooter we aim to collect and return the scooter to you within three days. We offer full insurance facilities and breakdown cover and will soon be operating a 24hr support line to ensure you are looked after.

Free Home Demo

Free Home Demo

We don't believe that shipping something like a mobility scooter to you in a box is any kind of service to offer when you haven't even seen the product! You wouldn't buy a car without seeing or trying it first so why should your scooter be any different? Our no obligation home demonstrations will ensure the scooter is just what you need.