Helpful tips on Airplane Travel with your Luggie Mobility Scooter

Airplane travel with Luggie Mobility scooter, hints and tips to give you stress free travel

Airplane travel with a mobility scooter may seem a little daunting. Below we provide you with some useful advice for when you choose to travel by plane with your mobility scooter.

We always recommend you check with your airline prior to travelling. Different Airlines have different procedures for travelling with mobility equipment. The airline is required to check-in free of charge your electric mobility scooter.  You will also find assistance services at the airport is also free of charge.

Government guidelines state that anyone with a disability can travel with up to two items of mobility equipment free of charge if you are travelling to a European airport. However, you will not be able to take your scooter into the passenger carriage – it will be stored in the hold until your arrival.

By communicating with the airline information about your limited mobility in advance, you can arrive at the airport with peace of mind. If you booked your flight through a travel agent or tour operator, they should report their disabilities directly to the airline for you.

Most airports advice that you arrive at least 2 hours prior to your flights departure. You can use your electric mobility scooter up until you board the plane. The airport can provide you with a wheelchair to take you those final few steps if required. Or if you prefer you can cheque your mobility scooter in with baggage and the airport will assist you with a wheelchair through security up until boarding the plane. It is very important that before checking-in you check that your scooter is ready for the trip. Most airlines will require you to remove the battery and carry this with you as hand luggage.


Mobility scooter check-in
To protect your scooter from damage, we recommend placing your scooter in a mobility scooter travel bag to help prevent the scooter encountering any scrapes along the journey. Alternatively we recommend folding the Luggie scooter into suitcase mode to prevent it being place tiller down and causing unnecessary damage. This will also make it even quicker for you to fold and then unfold when you are reunited with your scooter. To be more specific we recommend folding your tiller down and then folding the Luggie seat down only.


Handy tips to remember for airplane travel with a mobility scooter

A few things to remember when travelling with your mobility scooter to ensure you have a stress-free trip:

  • Make sure your scooter is fully charged before you set off for the airport
  • Take a spare key away with you (better safe than sorry!)
  • Remember to pack your battery charger and a plug adaptor for the country you are flying to
  • Double check airline staff know how to fold your scooter in order to securely store it for the flight
  • Familiarise yourself with the local laws for mobility scooters in your holiday destination

If you have any questions about travelling with your Luggie Mobility scooter then do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by clicking here

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