Charging and Battery FAQs


Here are some of our batteries and charging FAQs. We aim to answer every customer queries at the best we can.

Battery not been charged for a whilecharging

A battery that hasn’t been charged for a while may not come on, It should be charged at least every 4 weeks if not being used regularly. This will keep the cells in the battery active. If the battery is not charging after a long time of being uncharged, it may be best for you to take the battery to be locally tested, or you can send it to us at a courier charge. We do not charge for the labour.

Battery not charging  

If the battery is not charging, please look at the charging sequence. On the Luggie charger. The sequence should go as followed (there is a small light on the charger itself). The light will be amber, then it will flash green, at fully charged it should remain solid green. The charger will also emit a fan noise whilst charging. Once the light goes solid green this fan noise will turn off. When left plugged in and the scooter has finished charging, the charger might knock back on every few hours to top the battery up;(as the battery begins to discharge). This is normal. Its also safe to keep the battery plugged in.

If the charger is clicking and flashing Red/Amber this means the charger isn’t connecting to the battery. This could be a few things. Such as the battery isn’t in correctly. The kettle lead on the charger has become loose;  it may need pushing back in. Or the scooter is still switched on, it must be switched off to charge the battery.

Battery jumping out/putting in correctly

If the battery keeps jumping out when going over bumps etc. then it will be because it isn’t in correctly. At the back of the battery in the tray there is a small black clip. When the scooter is new this clip may be stiff. We do advise:

  • Take out the battery
  • Push the clip all the way in
  • Put the battery back into the tray whilst holding back the clip
  • To make sure the battery is in correctly you shouldn’t be able to pull it out without first pushing in the clipcharging

As the scooter is used more and more and the battery is taken in and out the clip will loosen up and it will not be as difficult to put in.

Scooter not going as far as you expected

If the scooter is new. Please ensure you are following the battery care guide provided with the scooter. It will have to be fully discharged and charged back up again 10 times, to get full potential out of your usage. Other factors that affect the miles is user weight, hills, carrying shopping terrain E.g., footpaths, gravel rather than pavement or indoor usage. If the scooter is older and if it has gone through a period without charging it may have deteriorated the battery a little bit which can affect the maximum mileage.

If there are any further questions involving the Luggie please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us 


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