Cruise with Luggie on a voyage of discovery!

If traveling to your favorite destinations has been impacted by your mobility issues, then a cruise could be the right solution for you. Taking along a portable mobility scooter can be a huge benefit not just when stopping off at your favorite destinations but also for ease of exploring the facilities of your chosen cruise ship. Sometimes the sheer size of the ship can be off-putting for those with mobility issues. This is where a Luggie mobility scooter can come into its own, it’s easy to maneuver so you can enjoy all of the cruise ships facilities as well as being able to explore your chosen port destinations.

Luggie’s Travel scooter is lightweight easy to store even in the smallest cabin space, it’s a foldable scooter making it quick and simple when you go ashore to tour resorts. Cruise liners all have lifts to guest decks but some large mobility scooters and wheelchairs can be challenged in tight spaces. The Luggie portable scooter with its compact build was designed with this in mind, making confined spaces much less challenging to negotiate.

If you’re flying out to start your cruise you can be assured your Luggie folding travel scooter has been cleared for air travel and has even been endorsed by American Airlines!

More and more people every year are enjoying cruising as their chosen holiday and with the support of Luggie’s portable Scooter mobility issues shouldn’t stop you from joining in and experiencing the holiday of a lifetime with.

If you think the Luggie Portable Scooter maybe a great traveling companion for you contact us on 0800 012 4258 for a Free Information pack or Home demonstration.