Days out during Covid-19 which are perfect for a Luggie!

We have a look at 5 perfect locations in the UK to use your luggie for days out during Covid-19 as an alternative to many cancelled holidays.

Here are just a few of the beautiful days out during Covid-19 you can have!

I’m sure many of our customers are disappointed with holidays, cruises and trips being cancelled or re-scheduled due to Covid-19.  As the Luggie Scooter is pri

marily a travel scooter many of you Luggie owners may think about putting it away until all of this blows over.. However what this pandemic brings us is an opportunity to be able to re-discover the UK and all the wonderful scenes, walks, national parks and attractions it has to offer!

Lets keep positive and see how we can turn this worry-some time into a fantastic way to spend it enjoying the outdoors or with loved ones.

Figgate Park – Edinburgh

Figgate Park is a wonderful short walk park which has flat, easy to manage surfaces for your scooter along with beautiful scenery. The park features a pond where you can watch the swans and otters play, whilst eating a pre-packed picnic and a flask of tea. The location of the park is very close to the seaside if you would like to also stop by for a ride along the coast and has many parking facilities near by.
Find out more about Figgate Park here!

Longton Brickcroft Nature Reserve – Liverpool

This large nature reserve is located in Liverpool with great transport links to the northwest. It features free parking and lots of nature appreciation paths for you to travel along with your Luggie Scooter.  It has facilities for fishing and picnicking. Formally an old brickwork site the pond is man made and lots of information boards throughout the park will teach you how it was done and how it has attracted lots of different wildlife.
Find out more about Longton Brickcroft here!

Potteric Carr – Doncaster
You can enjoy a peaceful ride  on a Luggie Scooter, the walk around the reserve is 5 miles which is easily do-able with lots to spare on even the Luggie Eco and Standard. We do offer spare batteries if that’s something that would help you. With lots of pastures and hedgerows along the paths. It boasts varies habitats attracting a wide range of plants and animals to keep your day out interesting. There is a car park and an overflow car park.
Find out more about Potteric Carr here!

Cannon Hill – Birmingham

Cannon hill is a very popular park in Birmingham. It has lots of accessible paths and features that are perfect when you’re on a mobility scooter. It has a train which can take you to different parts of the park. This easily accommodates the Luggie Scooter if you fold it up and want to get to another part of the park quickly. It has lots of attractions for grandchildren. You can watch them play while you relax and take in the scenery. The cafes and gift shops may be closed at the moment but most places will re-open on the 15th June.
Find out more about Cannon Hill here!

The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk – St James’ Park London
The 7 mile walk across 4 different parks featuring different gardens, fountains, memorials and statues. Leaving you lots to get through – maybe too much for just one visit! It’s currently much more quiet and a tranquil place to spend the day with your family or on your own. All areas are easily accessible and your Luggie Battery will get you all the way around the park. We do have a range of accessories featuring a backpack to put your picnic in and an under-seat bag to keep your belongings safe while you leisurely travel through the vistas.
Find out more about the memorial walk here!

Cardiff Castle – South Wales

The stunning Cardiff Castle is located in broad flat grounds. It’s mostly laid by lawns which are suitable for wheelchair and scooter users. There are disabled parking spaces available if you call ahead. Some castle features are up the steps. These are not wheelchair or scooter accessible. However there is so much to enjoy! You can easily access on your Luggie such as the 15th Century Undercroft – where the Welsh Banquets are held. The extensive grounds leading to the Battlement Walks. There are also concessionary tickets available for visitors who have disabilities and their carers.
Find out more about Cardiff Castle here! 

As our customers live nationwide we will put in a variety of places across country to be accessible for everyone. Do you have any ideas or testimonials? Please e-mail them over to us. We can share them on our social media to inspire people to get back out and about!

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