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Mobility Scooter FAQ's

Below you’ll find answers to the FAQ Mobility scooter users ask us about. We will cover the basics on how to get the most out of the Luggie lightweight mobility scooter. In addition, we will cover the basics from switching on to choosing the best mobility scooter accessories. If you already own a Luggie Mobility Scooter or Powerchair, your user manual also contains an FAQ page.

Scooter Flashing 5 Times

When the Luggie flashes 5 times this can indicate a fault with the parking brake or the scooter is in freewheel, initially follow the below procedure to get the scooter out of freewheel mode.


Step 1.

Turn the scooter off and make sure it is not plugged in to any power source.


Step 2.

Locate the red freewheel lever situated at the back of the scooter on the right-hand side.


Step 3.

Push the lever forwards towards the tiller then pull back towards yourself and you should hear loud click.


Step 4.

Switch scooter back on, leave for few seconds then press the wigwag for the scooter to go.


If it was freewheel the lever should ALWAYS be in the BACK position when you’re wanting to ride the scooter. The lever should only ever be forward if you’re wanting to push the scooter along.


If after the following procedure the scooter is still flashing , check all wiring on the scooter is connected securely and not damaged.


If the scooter is still flashing then the scooter will need to come to us for diagnostics and repair.


How do I book a mobility scooter demonstration?

Simply call us on 0800 012 4258 or fill in the form to the right of this page.

When you request a free no-obligation home demonstration we will call you to arrange a time and date that suits you. We will always try to offer you an appointment within 2-3 days time (this may be longer if you live in a remote area but we will get to you!). When the appointment is made you will be given the name of the demonstrator and asked a few questions about you, we like to make sure we understand your requirements. You will also receive a courtesy call the day before just to reconfirm everything with you.

What happens during a mobility scooter demonstration?

Your demonstrator will arrive at the pre-appointed time and introduce himself and the Luggie Scooter! We like to take a friendly but professional approach to our customers so we will always try to get to know you a little better, and also tell you a bit about ourselves.

It is then on to the demonstration; we will show you first how the scooter folds, unfolds, works, and run through some of the features and benefits that we think will help you.

Then its your turn! We will give you as much or as little help as you want when trying the travel scooter, feel free to try all aspects of it and make sure the product is practical and right for you.

When you are happy you have seen everything, and asked all the questions you would like to ask you will then be given the opportunity to buy a Luggie if it has met all your expectations. We carry stock with us (occasionally we may have to re-deliver next working day if stock is depleted) and we are able to accept all major cards at no charge. We then complete the paperwork and set up your new scooter for you. We can even remove the packaging!

Easy as that, no pressure, no hassle just a good honest service.

Why is my Luggie Tipping?

Mobility scooters can sometimes tip over due to improper usage, overloading, under-inflated tires, and others. Mobility scooters can tip over due to some factors that can be avoided by the user or by the elements that might be beyond the user’s control. Users are recommended to notice the camber of the surfaces and pavements and to lean into the camber whilst making sure that all 4 wheels still are on the same surface similarly to how you would if you were riding a bike. If your scooter is tipping backwards and you have a heavy load in your backpack or rear carrier, then adjust the load to be across the front of the scooter too – or only travel with less load to ensure your safety when riding.

Why is my Luggie Charger making a Fan noise?

The reason your charger is making a noise is because of the fan, this is there to make sure your charger stays at a cool temperature and doesn’t overheat. The noise should sound like a low hum, if it’s any other noise that you don’t recognise you could get the charger checked to make sure there are no issues with it or give us a call to ask advice.

Why is my battery guage not going down/ going down quickly?

Ensure your scooter’s battery is adequately charged. Regular checks on the alternator’s performance can also help support a stable gauge reading (this will be completed within your services). If it’s going down too quickly you could be using it too much without charging it enough. Always make sure you have followed the correct battery care procedure to get the maximum charge out of your battery. If you have completed these 10 charging cycles and you feel the battery gauge is still going down too quickly then we would suggest you organise for an engineer to check the scooter over. You can do this locally if it’s a quick check, but we recommend you come to us directly if your scooter is within warranty.

Why is my autofold not opening or closing?

Firstly, check the key is in the ignition, and check the battery is in correctly. Then check if the scooter is lighting up or making any noises as this is a good sign it’s turned on. Lasty make sure the fob is paired to the scooter.

If you have done all the above and it still isn’t working, then contact us and we will do our best to help you out as soon as possible.

My Luggie keeps cutting out.

If your luggie scooter is cutting out, then you should check the scooter is fully charged, check the battery is in correctly. If it is fully charged and battery is in correctly then it may be the main cable is loose. Get in touch with us so we can arrange for an engineer to look and get it resolved.

Luggie Service Procedures

We recommend getting your luggie scooter serviced every 12 months. This is mandatory to maintain your lifetime warranty. We have several ways to book a service.

  • Bring into our showroom £85. You can do this by calling us to book in an appointment – this ensures our engineers do it the day you bring it in as they are often booked up a couple of weeks in advance. The service usually takes 2-3 hours so you can leave it with us, and we call you when it is ready to collect. If you have travelled quite far, we are close to the town centre and to a couple of nice garden centres for you to have a look around while you wait.
  • Courier Service. £155 (if you still have your box) £185 (if you need a new Luggie Box) To arrange this, you will give us a call where we take the details of your scooter – give you a price for service and organise the collection date. To collect your Luggie re require it to be packaged into an original Luggie box. If you do not have yours anymore, we can arrange for one to be sent out to you, but this does affect the price. We aim to get these services back to you within 3 working days. This includes the collection and delivery day. If any parts are needed, it may take longer.
  • Home Service. £235 This is where our specially trained engineer can come to your home and do the service for you on your premises. To organise this, you can give our office a call. The wait time for a home service is usually 2-3 weeks but may be longer during busy periods but our staff will always let you know if wait times are longer. Once we have organised the engineer’s diary – usually two weeks in advance we will call you to offer you an appointment. If this is suitable then we give you a time of when the engineer will arrive and he can take between 2-3 hours to complete the service depending on scooter, condition and if there are any issues. We always ask that if you have any ongoing issues or concerns with your Luggie you let us know when booking the home service so we can make sure the engineer has any parts he may need for you on the van.
Luggie Battery cutting out

If your battery is cutting out, the first thing you should check is if it is in correctly. Sometimes when the scooters are new, or the battery is not removed and often replaced the battery clip can be stiff. Remove the battery push the front of the battery to the front lip of the tray, push the battery catch button all the way back whilst pushing the back of the battery down THEN release the black button whilst still holding down the battery. The button should then be flush against the end of the battery, and you shouldn’t see any gap between the button and the battery. To confirm that it is in place you can pull up on the battery whilst not touching the button and if the battery does not move it is in correctly. Give the scooter another test drive and hopefully this should have resolved the issue.

If when the scooter is cutting power the power switch light is flashing – count the flashes. This shows an error code. You can find what error code the flashes show in your manual or give us a call and we can help you further.

How do I charge my Luggie Scooter?

The luggie scooter is amazingly easy to charge. Plug it into the scooter next to the battery and then at the mains. The battery only takes 2 hours to charge fully – more than double the speed of all other folding scooters on the market! It will also automatically switch off once your scooter is fully charged. Your battery will take longer to charge if it is cold, so it is best to keep it at room temp. You can also use an off-board charger to charge your scooter.

Autofold not charging

Make sure the plastic has been removed from the battery terminals. If the charger is flashing red then this means there is no connection, check the battery is in correctly. If there is no light on the charger then check the fuse.

My Luggie Seat is Stuck/ Twisted

If the seat on your Luggie is leaning to one side or is stuck in the down position this is what we refer to as a twisted seat. This can happen if pressure or weight is put on the seat before both pins have clicked into place on the seat handle. Please follow the below instructions on how to fix it:

Tools Required:


13mm Socket


Pin Punch


Step 1.

Remove the plastic from the centre on either of the back wheels.


Step 2.

Unscrew the bolt the 13mm socket and remove.


Step 3.

Put scooter on its side and remove the wheel (please take extra care not to lose the square key in the shaft).


Step 4.

Look for the seat locking pin sticking through the seat frame (the pin has a rounded edge).


Step 5.

Knock this pin with a hammer and punch until it clears the hole.


Step 6.

The seat will then automatically jump into place.


Step 7.

Refit the wheel then slide the square key back into the slot between the shaft and the wheel.


Step 8.

Refit the bolt and plastic cap.


 To prevent this from happening again always make sure that you hear the click when pulling up the Luggie Seat and putting it into position. Also you can check the two red indicators either side of the seat handle. If you look into the holes either side of the handle they should both be showing as red.

Where can I see a Luggie Product?

Want to try the world’s best-selling Folding mobility scooter range?

We want to take the hassle out of shopping by bringing the lightweight mobiltiy scooters to you. A demonstration doesn’t have to be in your home, it can be at a friends or neighbours, even at a group meeting or social club, place of work or wherever you like!

Our Friendly team of mobility product demonstrators are carefully selected to ensure you receive the very best service. Each member of the team has been trained on everything Luggie! They really are the travel mobility scooter experts! They love the lightweight Luggie scooter range as we are sure you will.

Scooter Slowing Down

If your scooter is slowing down, firstly check that the speed dial is set to your desired speed, next consider the environmental issues that can affect the Luggies speed. These following things could all contribute to the scooter slowing, the type of terrain you are driving on, if you are driving up an incline, the user weight and any bags etc on the scooter.


If you have eliminated the above and your scooter is still slowing down try checking your battery is correctly inserted, you should hear a loud click when correctly inserted.


If the scooter is still slowing down check all electrical wiring is securely fitted, if all the above has been tried and the scooter is still slowing you will need to send it in to us for diagnostics and repair.

Autofold wont go?

If your scooter is not moving the first thing to check is when you turn the scooter on is there any beeping? If there is how many beeps can you hear in the pattern, this can help to diagnose what the issue could be. If there is no beeping then check your battery is correctly inserted, once confirmed battery is correctly fitted restart the scooter. If scooter still will not move check all electrical wiring is securely fitted and not damaged, if the above has not resolved the issue then check the scooter is not in free wheel, please follow the below instructions to so this.


Step 1.

Switch scooter off and make sure the scooter is not connected to any power source.


Step 2.

Find the red freewheel lever situated on the left-hand side at the back of the scooter near the rear wheel.


Step 3.

Push the lever down towards the floor then push lever up and you should her a click.


Step 4.

Switch scooter back on and press wigwag for the scooter to go.


If you have tried all the above and the scooter is still not moving then the scooter will need to come in to us for diagnostics and repair.

How do I fold up my Luggie Scooter?

Step 1.

If you have and elite model. Twist your handgrips backwards towards you and release into the shorter position. If you have any other model skip to step 2.


Step 2.

Unclip the locking clamps on the tiller and drop to shortest height then close the locking clamps. There should be no silver tiller showing between the two clamps.


Step 3.

Release the locking clamp on the base of the scooter, lift the plastic trigger on the side of the tiller and lower tiller to base and then lock with base clamp.


Step 4.

Unclip and flip over chassis hooks at the centre of the frame.


Step 5.

Take the weight of the seat gently and simultaneously pull the red lever to lower seat down.


Step 6.

Place one hand under the front of the seat and the other had hold the back of the seat and pull up, the scooter will fold in the middle, rock the scooter back onto it’s back anti-tip wheels and you will hear a click, this is the locking pin clicking into place.




Step 7.

Scooter is now folded securely; you can now raise your tiller using the locking clips situated on it to wheel scooter around easily like a suitcase or store as is.

Why is the Trigger loose on my Luggie?

If your Luggie trigger becomes loose, you first need to check that the reverse cable (going into the bottom trigger base) hasn’t snapped. If you discover the cable to have snapped or is damaged, this will be causing the trigger to be loose. If this is the case you will need to purchase a new one – you can do this by giving us a call and our customer service team will help you.

If the cable doesn’t show to be damaged, you will need to check the spring which is located between the cable and the head of the trigger. Damage to this spring will cause the trigger to become loose and will need replacing. Again, you can call us on 08000124258 to arrange a repair.

Why is my Luggie charger clicking?

If your Luggie charger is making a clicking sound when plugged in this means the charger isn’t connecting to the battery. Unplug the charger from the scooter and take the battery out. Insert the battery in the battery tray making sure you hear a loud click; this indicates the battery is in correctly. If your charger is continuing to click after following these steps make sure that the scooter is switched off – if the scooter is on the charger will not charge the battery.

If these steps do not help there may be an internal error in the charger that needs testing. Please call us on 08000124258 to arrange for an engineer to test your charger.

My Luggie Armrest screws keep falling out

If your armrest screws keep falling out this could mean they haven’t been inserted correctly and securely. When fitting the armrests, you must ensure the hole on the arm rest pole and the screw hole are lined correctly before fitting the screw. We recommend tightening your arm rest screws after every use, as the vibrations can cause the screws to become loose and may eventually fall out if not tightened. If you are forgetful some customers use tape to tape the screws to the armrest to stop the vibrations.

My Autofold fob won’t connect.

If your Fob is failing to connect to your scooter, please check the scooter is turned on, the battery is in correctly and any chargers are unplugged from the scooter. Once checked if the fob is still failing to connect try changing the battery in the fob. If this hasn’t resolved the issue the fob may need re-pairing to the scooter. Please follow below steps:

1) Turn on the scooter

2) Press A button on the control panel for 5 seconds and then release it. A continuous beeping will sound indicating the control is ready to pair the fob.

3) Press both A and B buttons on the key fob at the same time, 5 short beeps will sound indicating the key fob is now paired with the control panel. The buzzer will then continue to sound.

4) Press B on the control panel to silence the beeping and complete the pairing sequence.

How do I automatically fold my Autofold?

Firstly, you need to make sure the key is in the ignition and the scooter is turned on. The scooter can be folded using the fob or the two buttons labelled A and B on the tiller just above the LED screen. To fold the scooter press B, the scooter will start to fold automatically. Halfway the scooter will come to a pause( this is a safety feature to ensure nothing can become trapped while folding). Press B again and the scooter will continue to fold. You will then hear a click sound and 3 beeps which means the scooter is fully folded.

Luggie Tiller/ Handlebars falling down

On the two tiller clamps under the handlebars and tiller head there is a thumb screw on each clamp. Try adjusting the tiller clamp screw a tiny bit at a time and keep closing tiller clamp to see if the tension is right and it should stop falling down. If this is not helping, check there is a washer situated behind the clamp and it is still intact. If not, you can either come into see us, courier the scooter to us or we can come out on a call out to repair. Alternatively, you can order the part from us and take it somewhere local to you to repair. Give us a call to discuss any further issues or pricing on 0800 012 4258.

Off-board Charger not working

Is the charger fully plugged into the socket and is the socket switched on at the wall? Have you tried any other sockets – just in case there is an electrical issue? Is there a light on on the Off-board charger? If not just check that the power cable is fully plugged into the off-board charging box. If there is a light coming on, what is it doing? Check that the battery is correctly placed in the OBC unit, It should look as if it is going upwards a bit at the end. Have you tried charging the battery whilst in the scooter? If the battery charges while in the scooter then advise the OBC may need testing. If the battery isn’t charging when in scooter we may advise both will need testing, You can give us a call on 0800 012 4258 and we can speak about any further action needed to be taken.

How do I manually fold my Autofold?

To close

  1. Place the scooter on level ground and manually lift the red manual fold release lever.
  2. After opening to a sufficient height, close the scooter with both hands, and when you hear a “click” the scooter is locked.

To unfold

  1. Move the red manual fold release lever forward to make the scooter in a loose state.
  2. Use both hands to fully unfold the scooter. The scooter is fully open when you hear a “click”.

Note: You can fold or unfold the scooter manually by releasing the red manual fold release lever. If this is performed, then the opposite action should also be performed manually to reset. Failure to do so will not damage the scooter, but the Autofold function may not work until the folding mechanism is manually reset. For this reason, it is recommended the manual operation is performed in emergency.

Why does my Autofold keep Beeping?

Is the scooter switched on? Try to count how many times it is beeping this can indicate an error code.. Please see the error codes below

1 BEEP •__•__•__ The battery requires charging or there is a bad connection to the battery. Remedy: Recharge Battery

2 BEEPS ••__••__••__ There is a bad connection to the motor. Check all connections between the motor and controller.

3 BEEPS •••__•••__•••__ The motor has experienced a short circuit to a battery connection. Check all connections between the motor and batteries.

4 BEEPS ••••___••••___ Not Used

5 BEEPS •••••___•••••____ Not Used

6 BEEPS ••••••__••••••__ The scooter will not move because the charger is plugged in. The scooter does not show this error, as the charger is used to operate the folding mechanism. Remedy: Unplug Charger and Restart Scooter

7 BEEPS •••••••__•••••••__ A throttle fault has been indicated. Ensure wigwag paddle is in neutral before switching on the scooter. Throttle may require calibration. Remedy: Release Wigwag Paddle and Restart Scooter

8 BEEPS ••••••••__••••••••__ A controller fault has been indicated. Make sure all connections are secure. Also cycle keyswitch as this fault can be initiated by a break in circuit during keyswitch initiation.

9 BEEPS •••••••••__•••••••••__ There is a fault within the electromagnetic brake circuit. Check all brake and motor connections. Make sure controller connections are secure and that the scooter is not in the freewheel mode. Remedy: Put Scooter into Drive Mode and Restart Scooter

10 BEEPS ••••••••••__••••••••••__ An excessive voltage has been applied to the controller. This is very often caused by a poor battery connection. Check all connections from the batteries to the controller. Issue: 2022-05 Rev2 Drive DeVilbiss Health

For 1 beep – The scooter may just need charging or check battery is connected properly.

For 6 beeps – Try unplugging the charger and restart the scooter.

For 7 beeps – Check if throttle is in neutral, if not, turn off scooter, release wigwag paddle then turn on scooter. If it still beeps 7 times in neutral, the scooter will have to be seen by engineer.

For 9 beeps- The scooter is in free wheel. Turn scooter off, make sure charger not plugged in.  Go to the back of the scooter at the side of the rear Left hand wheel there is a lever, push this towards front of scooter and then pull back towards you. Restart scooter.

For other error codes scooter beeps 2, 3, 7 if after troubleshooting, 8 and 10 the scooter will have to be seen by an engineer. Give us a call and we will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as we can for you.

How do I adjust the angle of my scooters tiller?

When seated on your mobility scooter; lift the trigger handle out to bring the tiller toward or away from you.

What does the magnetic brake release do (red lever located at the back of the Travel Mobility scooter)?

In time of emergency or when your mobility scooter battery is out of power, disengaging the magnetic brake release will inhibit you from driving the scooter; but, it will allow your scooter to be pushed freely by an attendant.

Are there safety modes in place even when the magnetic brake release has been disengaged?

Yes. If the attendant pushes the mobility scooter too quickly while the magnetic brake release is disengaged, Luggie mobility scooters will brake or stop. If the attendant pushes slowly our mobility scooters will move easily without braking. If the attendant pushes too quickly, the Luggie safety mechanism will trigger and stop the scooter. If this happens, come to a complete stop to allow the safety mechanism to reset before starting again

What if my Luggie Mobility Scooter doesn’t start?

a) Check to see that the electric mobility scooter battery is installed properly in the battery compartment before turning on the power switch. (b) If the scooter battery is installed properly, check the battery indicator. If the indicator is in the red zone (out of battery), charge your mobile scooters battery. Another indication that the scooters battery is almost out of power is if the power switch flashes once per second and the battery indicator is in the red zone. (c) If the power switch flashes 5 times per second and your battery indicator is in the green zone (charged state of the battery) make sure the magnetic brake release hasn’t been disengaged. If the mobility scooters magnetic brake release is disengaged, turn off the power switch, engage the magnetic brake release then turn on the scooters power switch before driving.

How do I move forward, reverse and stop on Luggie lightweight mobility Scooters?

Its easy to handle this super travel mobility scooter, even in tight spaces. Gripping the right wig-wag lever will let you move forward on your Luggie lightweight mobility scooter. Gripping on the left wig-wag lever allows you to move in reverse. To stop, simply let go of both levers.

How do I adjust the speed on Luggie Travel Mobility Scooters?

You can adjust the speed of your Luggie travel mobility scooter by adjusting the speed control dial. When the dial is adjusted to the turtle mode, the mobility scooter is at it’s slowest. As you adjust the dial toward the rabbit icon on the speed control dial, the speed of the Luggie scooter will increase to the top speed of 4 MPH.

When should I charge my electric mobility scooter battery?

Charge your mobility scooter battery when the battery indicator is in the red region on the battery indicator. Or after each use, a battery that is kept fully charged will have a longer life than one left partially charged. Never leave your travel mobility scooters battery flat this will damage the battery

What to do if I want to store my Luggie Folding scooter and battery for a long period?

When storing your Luggie folding mobility scooter and battery for a long period it is best to follow this process. Fully charge your battery and place the battery so it not fully connected to the leads on your mobility scooter. The mobility scooters battery should never be stored fully discharged. Fully discharging your battery pack whilst storing your scooter will put your battery in a “Sleep Mode”. Thus, “sleep mode” could render it unchangeable when you are ready to use the battery again. It is recommended to charge the battery once a month; even if the battery has not been used. This will keep the electric mobility scooter battery in good condition.

How should I fold a Luggie Mobility scooter to check it for air travel?

The best way to prepare the Luggie foldable mobility scooter to check it for air travel; is to retract the tiller. Then, fold the tiller down to the base of the mobility scooter along with the seat. By making the scooter flat (folding down both the tiller & the seat) it is easier for airline crew to handle and transport the mobility scooter without damaging the scooter.

How do I remove the battery from the battery compartment (locked position)?

To remove the mobility scooters battery from its compartment; press the battery release button all the way in. At the same time, pull on the back edge of the battery to release the battery from the locked position.

How long will my lithium battery last?

The life of your lithium battery will depend on use and care. Like any consumable product, the battery will deteriorate in performance and reduce in range with time and use. Mobility scooters batteries tend to deteriorate in performance and reduce in range when left in a discharged state. Equally, scooter batteries left in cold conditions for extended periods and those worn due to heavy use will decline in performance.

Where can I drive a Luggie Lightweight Mobility Scooter?

Luggie foldable travel scooters are designed to provide optimum stability under normal driving conditions. Ideally, the Luggie travel scooter is best for use on dry, level surfaces. However, we realize that there will be times when you will encounter other surfaces. Please take caution when driving in any conditions. Markedly, on uneven terrain, persistent rain, snow, steep inclines, sand or largely uneven surfaces.

How do I unfold my Luggie Mobility Scooter?

Refer to the Quick Start Guide provided in your packaging or the owners manual. This will provide easy to follow instructions for the use of your new folding mobility scooter.

Step 1.

Pull the unfolding ring situated on the side of the scooter and carefully using two hands unfold and lower the scooter flat to the floor.


Step 2.

Gently take the weight of the seat and simultaneously pull the red release lever that is positioned under the seat, when the seat is in place the red indicators will show. There are two seat height settings so make sure you are at your desired height.


Step 3.

Fasten the chassis hooks situated in the centre of the frame. On the left and right sides by pushing the hook over the hook on the frame and pushing the backside of the hook back down.


Step 4.

Release the locking clamp on the base of the scooter. There should be a metal lever you unfold and a plastic one underneath.


Step 5.

Lift up the plastic trigger handle towards the handlebars on the side of the tiller, whilst keeping the trigger pulled out raise your tiller to the desired angle and then close the base clamp.


Step 6.

The tiller has two locking clamps on it just under the handlebars, unclip these to move tiller up and down to desired height and then close the clamps.


Step 7.

If your scooter is from the Elite range you can pull out and turn your handgrips to extend them.

How do I turn the Luggie Mobility Scooter on?

Locate the on/off switch below the handlebar on the right side of electric mobility scooter. When you flick the switch If you do not see a solid red light, check to make sure the battery has been properly installed to your mobility scooter or refer to the owner’s manual for diagnosis.

My Scooter/ Battery will not charge.

Is your scooter switched off? The scooter must be switched off in order for the battery to charge. Make sure that the charger is plugged fully into the scooter, into the wall and switched on at the wall. There should be an amber light on the charger which will eventually change to a flashing green then a steady green light.. If there is no light coming on, check the fuse in the plug and try a different plug socket just in case.

Where do you store your scooter? If you store it in a garage or car and the weather has gotten cold – you may need to bring your battery inside until it’s at room temperature. A cold battery will take much longer/ or not charge at all. Please note – do not put the battery on a radiator or near anything hot! Just leave it in a warm room to naturally warm back up.

Is the battery correctly in the scooter, has it clicked in place? Once you have checked all this and you are sure everything has been done correctly then give us a call and we will try to advise further. You can send to us for testing for the courier costs or get it tested locally to you.

Who do I contact if I need replacement parts for my Luggie Scooter?

You can contact Luggie Scooters directly on 0800 012 4258. We can provide you with part information and prices for our mobility scooter range. Additionally, we can advise on suitable mobility scooter accessories.

How do I ensure my portable scooter seat is in a locked position?

Check to see that the seat lock indicator is red on both the right and left side to ensure your seat is locked in place.

Where can I buy accessories for the Luggie mobility Scooter?

Alongside our famous folding travel mobility scooters; you can purchase mobility scooter accessories from Luggie Scooters direct. Visit the accessories section on the website or call us on 0800 012 4258.

Where do I find the serial number for my Luggie Travel Mobility Scooter?

The serial number on travel mobility scooters can be found on the underside of the scooter. With the mobility scooter in the unfolded position and the Luggie chassis hooks locked. Simply, lift the front bumper and set the scooter upright. The serial number will be on the left inside frame of your scooter.

Do I have to send in my Luggie warranty registration card?

Luggie Scooters will have record of the sale of your lightweight mobility scooter. Therefore, you simply need to call us on 0800 012 4258 to report any warranty issues.

Does the Luggie mobility scooter go to sleep when it is idle for a long period?

Yes, the Luggie portable mobility scooter will go to sleep when idle for 15 minutes or more.

How do I wake the Luggie Mobility Scooter up once it is in sleep mode?

There are 2 ways to wake the Luggie in sleep mode. One way to wake our lightweight scooter is to pull on the wig-wag a couple of times to activate the scooter. The recommended way to wake the Luggie is to power off the mobility scooter before powering it back on.

Will my mobile scooters battery deplete in power once is it in sleep mode?

Yes, your Luggie mobile scooters battery will deplete in power even in sleep mode. If you are in idle mode for a long period; we recommend that you power off the scooter completely to conserve battery power.

What is the recommended way to adjust the angle of the tiller?

We recommend that you lift the trigger upward completely before adjusting the angle of the tiller. So, as not to unnecessarily wear the mechanism of your portable mobility scooter.

Do I need to remove the battery when I travel via air?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA); request removal of the lithium battery before your Luggie scooter can be checked in without restrictions. According to IATA each passenger is allowed the capacity of one Luggie lithium battery. If you want to travel with additional batteries you can ask your travel companion to carry it for you. Alternatively, check with your airline of choice for additonal details. Note: It is recommended that you contact your airline prior in regard to checking your Luggie travel mobility scooter. Please be advised that different airlines may handle the differently.

Where can I see the Amazing Luggie lightweight mobility Scooter range

The Luggie lightweight mobility scooter range is available for home demonstration thoroughout the UK. Alternatively, you can view the range at our Head office. Local Mobility UK, Units 2-3 Commonwealth Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN7 3BD call for an appointment on 0800 012 4258

If your Luggie Folding Mobility Scooter question hasn’t been answered than you can contact us on 0800 012 4258 or email [email protected]. If you are looking for accessories for your mobility scooter we have a large range available on our sister website. Simply click here to view more.