Folding Mobility Scooters – have you seen our advert on public transport?

Luggie Folding Mobility Scooters have recently launched an advertising campaign on public buses. Have you seen any yet? You can spot it on buses driving about. It’s also on our social media if you want to have a look!

As well as our folding mobility scooters being in adverts on public transport, our Luggie scooters can also be taken onto the actual transportation vehicles. This means you are not restricted to staying indoors or just the streets in your area. You are also able to get on a train, plane, bus or cruise ship now, as well as being able to put folding mobility scooters into the boot of cars.

Folding Mobility Scooters

We recently wrote a blog on how a travel mobility scooter is the perfect way to travel the country. However, if you prefer to holiday in much warmer climes (!) then you are also able to take your mobility scooter onto an aircraft. We have also written a blog about taking your mobility scooter on a cruise. Basically, the possibilities are endless!

We are extremely proud of our products and their durability. We love seeing the impact they make on people’s lives and hearing customer’s stories! Luggie believes that being able to transport your scooter on many travel platforms really helps with a renewed sense of freedom.

Rail networks and trains are only getting better and more efficient. Therefore, it’s never been easier to get to where you want to be. Buses are also now extremely accessible, with lower steps and open spaces in which people can keep their scooters and prams. If you want to see just how much a mobility scooter can do, then you only need to look at our Paralympians! Theoretical physicist and cosmetologist Stephen Hawking is also probably the most famous mobility scooter user. He is definitely someone who doesn’t let his disability stop him from day to day life!

So keep an eye out for our folding mobility scooters adverts!

Any questions? Please don’t get hesitate to get in touch; we always love hearing from you!