Folding mobility scooters – our reviews might help you decide if our products are right for you

If you’ve been looking at folding mobility scooters for a while, but you’re a little unsure, then this blog will hopefully help. We’ve collected a selection of reviews from various customers to let you know their experiences of our folding mobility scooters. With reviews from people who have been on holiday, or just those who now find it easier to get out and about, we hope their positive experiences will give you the confidence to try our folding mobility scooters too!

Folding Mobility Scooters

One lady started her review with the sentence, ‘it has knocked some years off, given me the advantage of being a lady again and doing what a lady likes to do – shopping herself!’

‘I have my Luggie Elite to be extremely helpful in getting out and about. I go shopping, visiting and to church easily without problems and can go longer distances. Praise my Luggie.’ – Mary Spence

‘I bought my Luggie just before going on a three week cruise. It has made such a big difference for me, I went all over the place in comfort and enjoyed myself. I used to do a small distance and end up in a lot of pain. I love my Luggie.’ – Susan Hudson

‘I have just taken possession of my second ‘Standard’ Luggie after 6 and a half years, it’s been a very faithful and reliable servant. I have tried other scooters but nothing compares to my Luggie. New features add to the comfort and security, the sense of freedom it gives you is amazing.’ – Margaret Ruby Moran

‘I’ve been enjoying my Lola for about a year now, and she’s travelled far and wide with me. It’s absolutely amazing for travelling, getting through crowds, small spaces, and around tight corners. Even the cast members at Disney can’t believe how tight it turns, and gives me easier access than the bigger scooters allow.’ – Loraine Fowlow