Freedom Day

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Find your freedom with our Luggie’s! After more than a year in and out of lockdown, things are finally beginning to look up for us. On the 19th of July 2021, the day was labelled and celebrated as “Freedom Day”. A day where life will begin to feel like a form of normality again. Our Luggie’s are here to help you enjoy your planned trips to your days out or maybe you are just excited to be able spend time with your loved ones again.


Where can I take my Luggie?

With our Luggie’s being able to fit just about anywhere from your car to the plane neatly and compactly, you know you can sit back relax and let your adventure begin. All our customers say they have found a freedom they thought was lost. To whether it is a ride to the local park, shopping to a beach abroad you know you can appreciate your stress-free journey.

Range of luggie’s:
Luggie Standard

The Luggie Standard is the original and first model released in the amazing range. Award winning for product innovation, Luggie changed the mobility scooter industry and has rightfully become the World’s most popular folding mobility scooter with over 25,000 units sold worldwide

Eco lightweight

Introduced in 2015 the Luggie Eco offered a budget conscious option to the range. Sharing many of the benefits of the standard, including the unique folding system.

Elite folding scooter

The Luggie Elite encompasses all the benefits of the standard Luggie and includes a range of added features to enhance your journey and user experience

Elite deluxe

The Elite Deluxe Folding Mobility Scooter is new to the range launched in 2019. Designed with the user in mind it includes advanced and deluxe features providing you with the potential to regain your freedom and independence. Upgrade from the Elite to the Elite Deluxe and enjoy riding in comfort, style and quality.

Electric folding powerchair

The Luggie

Chair is a welcome addition to the Luggie mobility scooter range. The new Powerchair is useful for people who need extra help being mobile around their own home, when out shopping, or travelling abroad.

Super folding scooter

The Luggie Super is the newest Travel Mobility Scooter to our range. The Super travel scooter really does give you top of the range transportation

Elite plus

The Elite Plus Luggie Scooter is new to the range launched in 2019. With its wider front wheel base, this scooter is perfect for those day to day trips, you won’t want to leave home without it.

Super deluxe

The Super Deluxe Folding Mobility Scooter is new to the range launched in 2019. If you are looking

for top of the range, the Super Deluxe shares many of the design features and benefits of the Super but exudes luxury and new technology providing an enhanced user experience

Super plus

The Super Plus Luggie Scooter is new to


the range launched in 2019. This strong and robust scooter allows users to confidently manoeuvre quickly and easily with its wider front wheelbase

Reasons to have a Luggie

People will have many reasons to get a Luggie, just know that no reason is overlooked! Whether its stability worries, concerned about falling, feeling more comfortable moving around or your recovering from an operation or illness there will be so many reasons that a scooter could be for you. We aim for you to be able to regain your independence

Lets start smiling for a brighter future


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