Getaway this Winter with the World’s best-selling folding scooter!

There’s a world of opportunity just waiting for disabled travelers and If you want to travel with ease and be confident you can get around easily when you reach your destination then the Luggie portable mobility scooter is the right mobility scooter for you!

A Luggie portable mobility scooter is quite simply your passport to a world of greater Mobility. This folding mobility scooter can be taken anywhere Plane, Train, Coach or Cruise!

If you’re looking to buy a travel mobility scooter you need it Solid, robust and reliable. A Luggie takes only 30 seconds to fold or unfold and can be placed in the hold on a plane so there’s no waiting for airline assistance on arrival at your destination. It’s the unique design and manufacture of the Luggie’s lightweight mobility scooter that makes it the top choice for foreign travel and is the only mobility scooter on the market that has been endorsed by American airlines!

Planning a holiday when you have a mobility issue

Planning and researching in advance is key to a successful stress-free trip. There are many companies online now that specialise in organising holidays for those with a disability. They will offer accommodation has been thoroughly checked for accessibility, adapted rooms can be guaranteed when you book, and all necessary arrangements will be made on your behalf for airports and for transfers.

Checklist for disabled & less mobile passengers

  • Make sure you have travel insurance that is appropriate to your needs.
  • Research your destination and the facilities available to ensure ease of access and transport options are suitable.
  • Research the Country you plan to visit, either online or with a Specialist Tour Operator.
  • When contacting holiday providers, airlines, hotels etc., clearly state your disability and your needs and be specific about the assistance you require.
  • Confirm enquiries, bookings and reservations and specialist agreements in writing
  • Double check all arrangements before departure

If you have any specific needs for equipment or medication, ABTA have a comprehensive checklist that can be completed by you, your travel organiser or to view please click https://abta.com/resource-zone/publication/checklist-for-disabled-and-less-mobile-passengers.

It is also a good idea to carry a ‘travelling letter’, which should have a brief description of your disability or impairment and, if appropriate, details of any difficulties that could occur and what assistance you might then need.

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