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The United Nations have warned the planet will reach its global warming limit within the next 20 years. Causing irreversible environmental damage. As well as more extreme weather events. Experts in climate science all stress that every tonne of CO2 and every bit of waglobalrming matters. This means every action people make affects how our environment changes. Below are many ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint and help our planet.

Eat less meat

The average carnivore diet can produce around 7.2kg of carbon dioxide a day. Which is twice as much as a vegetarian diet. Livestock is also responsible for around 15% of world emissions. According to researchers, adopting a vegan diet is one of the best ways to reduce your emissions on this planet. Researchers also believe that freeing up farmlands to plant more trees will have an amazing effect on the environment. Both these ideas alone could reduce greenhouse gases by 13 million tonnes over 20 years. Methane also plays a big part in global warming. With Methane being 86 times more likely to absorb heat than Carbon Dioxide makes the greenhouse effect very potent.

Travel by car and plane less

Over lockdown all transport was down, and the pandemic proved just how much vehicle pollution adds to our carbon footprint. During lockdown in 2020 UK greenhouse gas emissions fell by 8.9% from 454.8 million tonnes in 2019 to 141.4 million the biggest drop since records began in 1990. The government is banning any new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. There are many ways that you could help keep our air clear of toxic fumes , like public transport, car sharing, or cycling to places.

Raise awareness on social media

Climate change activists have used social media to make their campaigns go global. Each person that spreads the message around the world is reducing the global warming each day. It is helpful to point out the consequences of climate change. Just like the fires in Greece the floods in Germany. It is important to show people that climate change isn’t just some abstract notion, these extreme weather events are changing the planet and putting our lives in danger.

 Avoid getting the new fashion trends

Our taste in fast cheap and disposable fashion is hurting the environment. The textile industry requires a huge quantity of water and dozens of toxic chemicals, resulting in vast amounts of water and air pollution. The UK buys more clothes than any other country in Europe. Campaigner fashion have also been scorned from big brands for failing to declare their carbon footprint, which means many were going unchecked. there are many ways you can limit the impact that fashion is having on the world. You could visit your local charity shop, re sell clothes you no longer need, as well as limiting how many new clothes you buy. Electric delivery vans are also an efficient way to reduce global warming

Reuse & Recycle

Although it is often pushed to recycle and reuse. It is one of the best things we can do for this planet. Recycling has its own environmental implications. Transporting and processing waste for recycling requires a lot of energy. Which means there will be higher CO2 emissions. So, before you recycle see if you can reuse. By reducing the amount of waste in the world you will make the air less polluted the seas would be clearer and thriving with life as well as our land mammals.

Join a campaign

According to Greenpeace UK just 20 fossil fuel companies are responsible for a third of all our greenhouse has emissions put together. So, while cutting out certain meats and single use plastic helps on an individual level. The government and bigger businesses are the ones that can make the biggest difference. Joining environmental campaign groups, charities and protests will boost their profile and spread the word peacefully and effectively.

Global warming will effect us all within the years to come as it is already taking its toll. By taking action today you will help a future tomorrow

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