Lightweight Mobility Scooter – buying your first one!

lightweight mobility scooter is perfect for getting out and about for those with limited mobility or who are less able on their feet as others. However, if it is your first time buying a mobility scooter, Luggie have compiled a list to try and help make the daunting task a little easier. We understand you will have a lot of questions and we aim to try and clear up as many as we can.

Lightweight Mobility Scooter

Before you begin the process of buying a lightweight mobility scooter, there a few things you should consider:

  • Budget. Think about what you can and want to spend. We urge you to consult an expert when purchasing. As tempting as it may be, there’s likely to be a reason why a second hand scooter on auction sites are so cheap.
  • Bodyweight and size. These are two of the main reasons why you should always ‘try before you buy’ and take any potential mobility scooter on a test drive. Everyone’s bodyweight and size is different and the Luggie range is built to reflect this.
  • The types of journeys you’re likely to make. We have scooters which are more suitable for longer journeys as opposed to shorter ones. We also have lightweight mobility scooters that are ideal for travelling. Ultimately, it’s just about knowing what you will use your scooter for most.
  • Storage. Although all of our travel mobility scooters are folding, it can be an inconvenience to have to do this continually. It is easily done thanks to the unique folding mechanism, but you may prefer to leave your scooter assembled. If this is the case, just be aware of having space to store it. You may also use your scooter to easily manoeuvre around your home, so take into consideration the width of door frames and hallways.

Here at Luggie, we have lightweight mobility scooter experts on hand, ready to talk you through your preferred choice. We will ensure you find your perfect scooter.

So what’s stopping you? Trial a Lightweight Mobility Scooter today!