Lightweight Mobility Scooter – maintenance of the battery will help them last longer

The battery is basically to a lightweight mobility scooter what an engine is to a car; you can’t go anywhere without one! Therefore, it makes sense to know just how to properly care for it to ensure you get the best possible power from it, as well as its optimum duration between charges.

When it comes to charging your battery, the best way to maximise its potential is to make sure it is charged for the right amount of time. This is something that should be applied to every journey, including short trips.

The necessary minimum charge time for a scooter battery is 12 hours. Any less and the battery performance will substantially diminish and become unusable. Users are quite often unaware that the battery needs this full charge and will remove it too early. Don’t be fooled by the green light which can display before the 12 hours is up!

Please note that if your lightweight mobility scooter is in storage, the minimum charge time is different. It goes from 12 hours to 24 and should be repeated every 14 days. It is vital that you leave the battery on charge for the full 24 hours as it will not receive its full charge otherwise.

Not charging your battery could affect your lightweight mobility scooter warranty

Just like other products, a mobility scooter battery comes with warranty. Similarly to other products and policies, if they have been compromised the warranty can become void. For example, if its obvious that the manufacturer’s charging schedule hasn’t been followed, you may not be covered if the battery wears out quickly.

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