Lightweight Mobility Scooter – some useful tips for users

Just because you suffer from a disability or restricted movement, doesn’t mean your sense of independence has to be lost. Luggie Scooters understand that life can change dramatically if you lose the ability to move freely with ease, whether it be temporarily or permanently. There are any number of reasons you may suddenly find your freedom breached, such as injury, obesity, growing age and disease. No one likes having to be dependent on others for the most simple tasks. If you’re looking for a way to regain some freedom, a lightweight mobility scooter may just be the answer.

The powered mobility aids run on rechargeable batteries and, unlike wheelchairs, are easy and fun for the rider. If you are thinking of purchasing a lightweight mobility scooter for yourself, we’ve put together a bit of basic information on buying and using one. If you’re a first time buyer especially, the mobility scooter options can be a bit daunting. One of our experienced professionals will be more than happy to help with a free demonstration.


Purchase and maintenance of your Lightweight Mobility Scooter

It is a good idea to consult with a professional before making your purchase. Buying a scooter which is appropriate for your condition, as ell as your height, weight and size, is imperative. Ask your dealer for a demonstration, in which you’ll be able to take your potential scooter on a test drive. As far as maintenance is concerned, to keep your mobility scooter in good condition for years to come, it needs to be protected from extreme weather conditions such as moisture and heat. Keep your eye on the battery and tyres to make sure they’re safe and legal. Also, don’t forget to service your scooter once a year, just like any other motor vehicle.

Driving your Lightweight Mobility Scooter

Be careful when driving your scooter up and down curbs, much like a car. Also similarly to a car or van, you can be prosecuted for speeding on your lightweight mobility scooter! The brakes may work a little more slowly on a scooter, so please be mindful of this.

You can also take your mobility scooter on public transport and even on planes and cruise ships. They will fold and fit into the boot of your car, so it’s never been easier to get out and about, even if you yourself feel restricted.