Lightweight mobility scooter – Time to start planning your summer break?

If you are liking the small taste of summer that we have had over the past couple of days, maybe it’s time to start thinking about booking your summer holiday! And thanks to our lightweight, folding and portable mobility scooters, you’re not restricted in any way!

Take our scooters on cars, planes, trains and even cruises! Which means if you’re looking for a week on a sunny beach somewhere, or a weekend seeing the sights in a city far away, nothing is unavailable with your Luggie lightweight mobility scooter.

Planning your holiday with your lightweight mobility scooter

Talking to a travel operator who has experience in booking accessible holidays is the best place to start. As they specialise in accessible holidays, you don’t need to worry about any small details.

Another good tip for booking your holiday is reading informative and accessible guide books for wherever you are thinking about going to. That way, you can see what you’ll be able to do while you’re there and what facilities the destination has. There are also more and more accessibility travel blogs and vlogs coming out. So if you’re looking for more personal advice on your travel destinations, this could be the place to look!

And finally, once you’ve got your holiday planned and booked, don’t forget about your essentials checklist! We’ve put together a quick list of those things you definitely don’t want to forget!

  • Travel insurance and all relating documents
  • Medication (which includes any travel sickness medication)
  • Flight/hotel bookings and any other travel documents
  • Travel adaptors
  • Toiletries and sun cream

Luggie Mobility Scooter

We hope that your Luggie scooter has given you a new lease on life. We want you to be able to enjoy the freedom it brings you, especially whilst on holiday! However, if you haven’t got a Luggie lightweight mobility scooter and it’s something you think you would be interested in, then why not book in for a free, no obligation home visit today? And find out how a Luggie mobility scooter could change your life!