Lightweight Mobility Scooters – which Luggie suits you?

So the clocks went forward on Sunday morning, which means that we’re starting to wake up with the sun shining. Or at least not in the pitch black anymore! And that only means one thing; Summer is slowly but surely on its way! With summer comes the sun (hopefully) and why shouldn’t you be able to go out and enjoy the season with everyone else? Read into our different Luggie lightweight mobility scooters and find out which scooter would work the best for you!

Lightweight Mobility Scooters

Our range of Luggie lightweight mobility scooters has been developed specifically with a range of disabilities in mind. We have worked with stroke victims, MS sufferers and people with heart disabilities to make sure that our scooters provide our customers with a sense of independence and freedom.

We currently have four scooters in our range; the Luggie StandardEliteEco and Super.

The Luggie Standard was our very first lightweight mobility scooter and comes equipped with the latest battery technology. This means that you can ride your Luggie up to 11 miles before it needs a recharge!

Our Luggie Elite is that one step up from the Standard. It has a bigger seat, bigger battery, bigger motor and we listened to our customers and added in arm rests. The Elite runs for longer and is also able to carry more weight.

The Eco was made to be lighter and a more viable option for people who travel frequently. All of our lightweight mobility scooters are foldable and portable. And they all fit into most car boots and can be taken on planes, trains and now cruises!

The Luggie Super is the newest in our range! It carries the most weight and has the widest handlebars and seat of all our lightweight mobility scooters.

Luggie Folding Mobility Scooters

We offer free, no obligation home visits so you can try out our scooters from the comfort of your own home. So get in contact with one of our team and start your journey to summer freedom today.