Luggie Fun Find Your Freedom With Luggie

luggie fun find your freedom with

What have you missed?

Luggie fun Find your freedom with Luggie.  What have you guys been missing over the last year? Maybe you have missed lounging around on a sandy tropical beach, or exciting your taste buds with trips to your favourite  restaurant. Or maybe you have missed out on certain family events like weddings, birthdays etc.

Our amazing customers

Here at Luggie we can help you have them moments again. We offer a range of travel scooters to fit your every needs . With the luggie being lightweight and completely foldable as well as airline accessible, there is not a place it will not take you. Just check out our latest customers pictures below. She recently attended a wedding 410 days after they got married! To have a little family get together and celebrate properly. We love how she customized her Luggie with a little bow that matches her dress! She looks amazing and so does her Luggie.




Its days like these that have been taken away from us over the last year and here at luggie scooter we are looking forward to helping you get them days back! As well as your independence and creating the fun memories that will stay with you forever.  

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