Luggie Lightweight Scooters – Schools Out for Summer

We love to see our customers enjoying their Luggie mobility Scooters and as the Summer Holidays are the longest break of the school year then the next 6 weeks could be a busy time.

The Luggie Travel Scooter has greatly enhanced the quality of lives of millions of people who find it difficult or impossible to walk without assistance giving independence to their day to day lives and able to enjoy more time with family and friends. Kids love everything about mobility scooters they can see past the stigma that an adult may attach to mobility scooters and its often a child that gives an adult the confidence to book a trial.

You may already know our folding scooter can be taken on trains, planes, cars, cruise ships… you name it the Luggie will go there and don’t forget to accessorise your Luggie to get the best out of your trips out.

Things that would be of benefit are:

  • Luggie Mobility Scooter – armrests can now be fitted to make your Luggie even more comfortable, these armrests are easy to remove and you can still fold your Luggie with the armrests in place.
  • Spare Lithium Batteries / off Board Charging Stations. Want to go even further in your mobility Scooter? Then a spare lithium battery is for you. Spare Luggie battery with off board charger bundle to take anywhere along with the clever off board charging station.
  • Luggie Travel bags are another valuable accessory in the Luggie Scooters Range. Simply place your Luggie Scooter inside this tough padded bag zip it up and simply roll away! The Bag has six integrated wheels to make transporting your scooter safe and easy!
  • The Luggie backpack fits neatly onto the seat back of the scooter is zip fastening and also has two convenient stick holders to place walking sticks or crutches. There is also a bag that fits neatly under the Luggie Scooter seat by attaching to the carry handle, great if you carry a spare battery or for keeping your belongings close when you’re out and about.
  • Luggie Car Bumper Protector is very handy to keep in the car boot to assist you when lifting the Luggie in and out of the car. The rubber reverse will help keep the protector mat in place whilst protecting both your car and your Luggie Scooter.

If you need more details on accessories, then give us a call on 0800 012 4258 or we’d love you to drop us a line on any great day trips you have enjoyed! Email info@luggiescooters.com and we’ll add to our Luggie Gallery!

Enjoy The Summer – Enjoy Your Luggie!