Luggie Portable Mobility Scooter American Airline

If you’re going on holiday this year either by plane, train or automobile then our portable mobility scooter range is here to make your trip so much easier.

Travel is what makes a Luggie portable mobility scooter stand out from the crowd, it’s been tried, tested and cleared for air travel.

Portable Mobility Scooter that’s Airline approved

The Luggie standard and the Luggie Elite come complete with a Lithium Ion battery that can be taken on aeroplanes and our mobility scooters are certified with a Material Safety Data sheet that will ensure easy clearance through the airport.

The Luggie is not only the world’s best-selling mobility scooter, it is also our most well received and the only mobility scooter on the market that is endorsed by American airlines.

Portable Mobility Scooter on public transport

Let’s not forget the Luggie Portable mobility Scooter is very convenient for public transport and coach trips too. With its lightweight but durable alloy & aluminium chassis it is truly amazing how easy the Luggie is to fold and unfold and super light so it can be lifted into the boot of a car or stowed on a bus or train. Our Mobility Scooter will fit in any lift or can be folded and carried onto an escalator.

The Luggie portable mobility scooter range also provides comfort whilst travelling with various seat widths, two height adjustments and optional armrests plus a range of accessories that will provide you various bag combinations to pack up belongings or shopping whilst on your travels. If you’re staying away from home, you’ll benefit from a portable scooter that can be put out of the way in a hotel bedroom or a cabin on a cruise ship so you’ve no need to be concerned where you leave your scooter whilst you relax for the evening.

If you think the Luggie Portable mobility Scooter maybe a great travelling companion for you contact us on 0800 012 4258 for a Free Information pack or Home demonstration.

People who love to Travel love the Luggie! It is by far the easiest, most portable mobility scooter on the market.