Luggie Travel Scooter Tried & Tested – read our customer reviews

The Luggie folding mobility scooter offers unique benefits to its owner, the superior engineering and half fold configuration means it’s a 30 second job to fold and load into a car boot. You can even take your Luggie to the steps of a plane and its stowed with the pushchairs so will be able to collect it as you exit the plane at your destination.

All sounding good so far? I’m sure you’d be interested to hear what others experiences have been whilst out and about on a Luggie Portable Folding Scooter.

I enclose some photos of my Luggie, named ‘Luigi’! – Heather Hockin


Here is one in Senor Frogs in Playa del Carmen in Mexico. He has also been to Brisbane, & Sydney, as we followed the British Lions tour last year. We saw Shane Williams so often that he stared asking how ‘The Ferrari’ was! There is also a picture on ‘The Edge’ on the Sky Deck, 66 floors up in Eureka Tower in Melbourne in Australia. He really has made a huge difference to my life, as I have retained my independence, & am able to travel with our friends.

Dubai Adventures with the Luggie Scooter Mike Jeffery from Norfolk

We recently travelled to Dubai where our daughter and son-in-law live. To do this I bought the Luggie travel bag which enabled us to pack the scooter and transport it with ease and safety. The start of our adventure was on the 16th December and we flew with Emirates Airlines. They were extremely courteous and helpful. Emirates did not charge for the stowing of the Luggie but the battery had to be removed and carried in the hand luggage. When we arrived at Dubai the Luggie was safely delivered to us having been transported as “Fragile”. We unfolded the scooter the following day and have used it on a regular daily basis throughout our 3 week stay in Dubai.

John and Pat Cartwright

Just a short note to let you know how pleased we are with the Luggie scooter we recently purchased. My wife has a larger scooter which would not fit in our car. So do we buy a new car? or some form of external hoist? Both options would be expensive and of questionable legality. The answer turned out to be the Luggie. It’s practicality and performance has exceeded our expectations. It folds down easily and transfers into our car boot without difficulty, It’s performance is great for shopping centres, theatres etc. and for use on public transport.

Because it is compact it fits into crowded restaurants easier than a manual wheelchair, With the tiller collapsed, my wife can sit at a table without anyone being aware she is in a scooter. The additional armrests and off board charger increase the safety and versatility enormously. We often just leave the Luggie in the boot and take the battery pack inside for charging

Great for hotels etc. We look forward to travel on airlines.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the Luggie to anyone looking for a lightweight folding scooter.

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So now there are four models in the range; Eco, Standard, Elite, and Super, want to see which one would best suit your needs, then **call us and arrange a Home Demonstration on 0800 012 4258.