LuggieChair – why should you choose the new power chair as your next Luggie?

You might have seen back in June that we launched the LuggieChair – the new power product from us. It is effectively a powered wheel chair with all the efficiency and independence you’ve come to expect from the brand’s collection.

Luggie Scooters introduce the LuggieChair

The LuggieChair is an innovative design combining the unique folding chassis of the other Luggie Scooter products with the shape of a power chair. We’ve written many blogs previously about how our scooters are portable and foldable, not to mention easy to travel with. The LuggieChair will give you that extra dynamic and power boost that you wouldn’t necessarily get from another product.

The design ensures you’ve got a lot of car space so you can take it out and about. It enables you to be sociable and spend time out of your house with friends and family. We also have a different delivery service available for the LuggieChair, which is called the ‘white-glove delivery.’ This means a mobility product trained delivery advisor will deliver the product to you, as well as setting it up, showing you how to use it and making sure you are comfortable before leaving. Ask as many questions as you need to!

Luggie Free Home Demonstration

The ‘white-glove delivery’ service is usually £75. However, we are including this within the price of the LuggieChair! We really want this new product to be the next step in helping people retain their independence and personality. We understand the frustration that can come with having to use one of these scooters. That’s why we make them as user friendly as possible. We want to ensure you can still do things day to day without too much inconvenience.

If the LuggieChair sounds like something you might be interested in, then please visit our website or give us a call us on 01942 265 658. We look forward to making your life that little bit easier!