Luggie’s travel mobility scooter can really help you see the world this summer!

It’s no secret that the Luggie travel mobility scooter is the world’s best selling product of its kind. In fact, you may even have seen our advertisement in the paper recently telling you just that! We heard from several happy customers just how a Luggie scooter has given them their independence back – and helped them see parts of the world they never thought possible.

Explore with a travel mobility scooter

The Luggie’s incredible manoeuvrability makes it the perfect option for around the home. However, an increasing number of customers are now using their travel mobility scooter for just that; travelling! Lightweight and compact with an invaluable reverse feature, we are delighted that people are exploring new horizons with the help of our product.

Stephen Jones, a customer from Glamorgan, said his travel mobility scooter has made his life more adventurous and he is now able to combine his love of photography with travelling. He was even confident enough to use his Luggie to go on Safari in Africa!

Adventures with Luggie

Jessica Skipon from London has had an exciting year with her Luggie! She said, ‘my Luggie really does let me live a life I can plan and enjoy. I recently travelled with it to Salt Lake City, New York, Abu Dhabi, Byron Bay in Australia, Vienna and to Monet’s Garden in Giverny.’

Using a travel mobility scooter also has a massive impact socially, as Heather Hockin, from Wales, explains, ‘he really has made a huge difference to my life. I have retained my independence and am now able to travel with our friends. Having a scooter means I can keep up with my friends and enjoy conversations, as opposed to not hearing and interacting properly when in a wheelchair.’

Want to take advantage of a Luggie travel mobility scooter this summer? Contact us today to discover a world of life changing opportunities!