Luggie Travel Bag

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The Newest addition to our Luggie range - a compact protective bag to keep your luggie in for travelling and protects the scotoer from bumps and scratches when on public transport or airlines.

This travel bag is the newest addition to our accessory range for the Luggie Scooter. It is new in for the Super so now you can have peace of mind when you travel that your Luggie won't get damaged or scratched. It is made of hard wearing water resistant material and has yellow strips to make people mindfull of your Luggie. The zips either side of the bag make it very easy to put the Luggie in and out of the bag and it also has a fragile patch to ensure people handle it with care.

The holes at the bottom of the bag allow your transporting and antitip wheels to stick out so that you can pull the luggie along in your bag with ease.

Dimensions: - L: 100cm W: 47cm H: 35cm

Luggie mobility scooter travel bag

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