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Lightweight mobility scooter - Time to start planning your summer break?

If you are liking the small taste of summer that we have had over the past couple of days, maybe it's time to start thinking about booking your summer holiday! And thanks to our lightweight, folding and portable mobility scooters, you're not restricted in any way!

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Travel Mobility Scooters - take advantage of our 2 year warranty before it's gone!

Here at Luggie Mobility Scooters, we're proud of our extensive range of folding, lightweight, portable and travel mobility scooters. We have several insurance policies and warranties to take advantage of when it comes to the Luggie. However, this blog is to let you know about some changes to our standard warranty and why now is the perfect time to buy your new mobility scooter.

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Lightweight Mobility Scooters - which Luggie suits you?

So the clocks went forward on Sunday morning, which means that we're starting to wake up with the sun shining. Or at least not in the pitch black anymore! And that only means one thing; Summer is slowly but surely on its way! With summer comes the sun (hopefully) and why shouldn't you be able to go out and enjoy the season with everyone else? Read into our different Luggie scooters and find out which scooter would work the best for you!

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Portable mobility scooters - who are we and what do we offer?

Why choose Luggie portable mobility scooters? What makes us so different to all the other mobility aide companies out there? Well, for a start, we are the home of the original portable folding scooter. What's more, our customer service is second to none and we offer an extensive range of mobility scooter accessories, as well as the scooters themselves.

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Folding Mobility Scooters - keeping yours safe from fire and theft

With roads becoming increasingly busier around the UK, safety has never been more prevalent. However, it isn't just road safety that needs to be at the forefront of our minds; fire and theft also become an increased risk. In 2016, 200,000 mobility scooters were stolen. Even more worryingly, 80% of folding mobility scooters were taken from the owner's house.

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