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Caring- Regina Kasperowicz

Bought my 3rd Luggie. Says it all about l how love it & rely on it to get about. Staff are so caring & go out of their way to make sure I am independent.

I love the freedom my Luggie has given me.

Having a lovely day out at RHS Wisley gardens, this is the third time I have been here since having my Luggie. Which has made me able to visit places I haven't been able to for a long time, including National Trust properties and town centres. Love the freedom my Luggie has given me.

Philip Jackman
aged 84

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To those who were like me undecided and nervous I say ''Go ahead you will never regret it''

I have had my Luggie Elite for a few months and I am loving it. I've never driven a car, having failed my driving test and held off getting a mobility scooter because I was nervous on taking one out and driving it around. How was I going to drive along a pavement, would I be able to reverse it without banging into anything and how would I be able to cross a road? No worries! I phoned up Luggie after watching the demonstrations on Ideal World and along came Shaun, his knowledge on how luggie worked was excellent. He explained everything in a way I could understand, he showed me how to use it, folding it down and then how to put it back up. He took me around the inside of my flat, getting through doors etc.

We then went down to the car park and went through the different speeds and reversing, then out onto the road, he showed how to cross the road safely and how to align the scooter with the crossing. I would never have had such all round instructions and help if I had purchased one from a shop. Shaun even showed my husband and son the best way to put it into the boot of a car. He was so patient, never rushing through it. I've been on a bus with it, folding it easily to take it on board. I drive it into the supermarkets getting up and down isles easily. I can get into spaces that bigger scooters can't right up to the tills to pay.

With my mobility problems a walk to town was a nightmare, it was one or two shops then I had to go home. Not anymore, my Luggie has given me a new lease of life. I can go where I want and as far as I want.... Thankyou Shaun and Luggie for changing my life. To those who were like me, undecided and nervous I say ''Go ahead you will never regret it'' P.S it's onto a plane next!

Wendy Pritchard

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Ordered an Elite online

Very, very, very, happy with by Luggie(elite). Light weight and easy to handle after watching the dvd that was supplied. Delighted with the free travel bag and the accessories. I look forward to the independence and the mobility than my elite will afford me, as I travel the world by land, sea and air, thankyou Luggie, and all your wonderfull, professional staff.

Mrs Mowatt

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Luggie Upgrade

Just replaced my ''old'' scooter with the Luggie Super and am absolutely delighted with it. It ticks all the boxes and I particularly like it's portability i.e folding and unfolding without seperating the parts or having to use tools. Fits into my car like a dream. Highly Recommended. - Joyce Hart

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Our Japan Visit

You asked for some photos of our Japan trip! Wife’s favourite is photo ending 45!

We were on a small cruise ship (only 100 guests) for 14 days travelling all around Japan.

Included a photo in a coach luggage compartment to show how easy transport was.

She also navigated roughish tracks (I had brought a 50 mm thick foam “cushion” for the seat!) up to temples and some steep slopes. Japan is very hilly/mountainous (70% of land is unusable for housing etc.). Worried we might kill the battery some days but lasted out. Being on the ship we could recharge LUGGIE every night!
Japan is a doddle to travel with scooter. Public lifts everywhere, Japanese people HUGELY courteous and wanting to assist at any kerbs etc.
Travel on bullet train FABULOUS!!!!! Conductor held back other passengers and escorted my wife riding into train and to seat, and then we placed scooter in “luggage” area!
Just one or two places where flights of steps could have caused problem but our local guide whistled up “assistance” people at every place and we were whisked through “private areas” etc.

Everywhere we went she was treated like Royalty!!!!

Clean, courteous, SAFE, NO LITTER (almost a personal sin!), NO POTHOLES IN ROADS!!!!!.
We had been about 10 years ago in Cherry Blossom time and said WE MUST GO BACK – it’s that good.

L O N G way there flights (but we went Business Class so we never really knew about it after evening meal as we were asleep for our night flight). Coming back in the daylight was
B O R I N G!

Hope this helps you.


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Thank you for my Luggie, I Love it!

Thank you for my Luggie, I love it!
At the farm, horses were apprehensive at first but they are used to it now. In my garden at home I can do my gardening from the scooter. I also go around the road and into the shop at the back of us. Thanks again I love it. Ms Jean Clanks

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Great Demonstration.

We would like to say how pleased we were with the demonstration of the Luggie Super by Keith Pilkington and have now bought one and would recommend to others of the Luggie Scooters - Mr P Withers

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Luggie Wedding!

I bought my Luggie Scooter to go to my grandson's wedding. Previously I have always had to go to special occasions in a pushed wheelchair and it is so inconvenient having some poor person (who has to leave whatever they are doing) push me wherever I need to go. The Luggie was ideal. I felt really independent and it was good to be able to get around my hotel room in it too. It really is as good as your advertisments say it is and I am so pleased I bought it.

Sheila Hughes.

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Travels with Lola- Loraine Fowlow

I've been enjoying my Lola for about a year now, and she's traveled far and wide with me. It's absolutely amazing for traveling, getting through crowds, small spaces, and around tight corners. Even the cast members at Disney can't believe how tight it turns, and gives me easier access than the bigger scooters allow. Everywhere that I've gone, I've had several people ask what it is. Most want the info for someone that they know who needs a smaller scooter. I should be getting a commission for all of the recommendations that I've made! Loraine Fowlow

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