NEW!! We launch the BRAND NEW LuggieChair.

On Monday 11th June we launched the sale of our brilliant brand new LuggieChair. We have combined the unique folding chassis of the Luggie Scooter with the shape of a powerchair and created something which will change the lives of people who want to get their independance back.

Introducing the Luggie Power Chair!

The LuggieChair is manoeverable and robust enough to use both within your own home or out on a walk or a day trip with family members. The stylish simple frame and sleek design makes it a great choice for younger people who need help with their mobility or anyone that isn’t ready for something as clumbersome as other Powerchairs on the market at the moment.

The design isn’t just to make it look good! It frees up a lot of car space so that you still have room for grandchildren, dogs and your shopping! We want to make sure that having a Powerchair doesn’t have to stop you doing everything you used to and take over your life, house and car!

We have a new delivery service available for the LuggieChair the’ White-glove Delivery’ This means that a mobility product trained delivery man will deliver the LuggieChair to you – set it up, show you how to use it and make sure you are comfortable before leaving. This service is usually £75 but we are including it within the price of the LuggieChair!

Electric Wheelchair Home demonstration

If you would like to know more you can click here for more information or Click here for a home demonstration!