Portable Mobility Scooters – catch us today on Ideal World!

Today our fantastic portable mobility scooters will be showcasing their products on Ideal World. As an offer, we will be giving away a new travel bag, which we currently have on our website. The bag is normally £199.99, but we will be giving it away for free on the programme. Interested? All you need to do is watch the Ideal World channel today for more information!

Portable Mobility Scooters

The Luggie Travel Bag is the latest addition to our established brand. The compact and protective bag keeps your Luggie Scooter safe from bumps and scratches whilst travelling. It also brings the convenience of being able to easily manoeuvre and transport your machine. This then gives you the freedom of using trains, planes, cars and even cruise ships. Time to take that trip you’ve always wanted!

Luggie Travel Bag on Ideal World

The travel bag is the newest addition to our portable mobility scooters accessories. An expensive piece of equipment can be a worry when out and about, or when we have to put it in someone else’s possession, such as on a plane. That’s why the travel bag is perfect and an excellent help. It is made of hard wearing, water resistant material and has yellow stripes to make people mindful and aware of your Luggie. There are zips either side of the bag, thus allowing it to become extremely accessible. The fragile patch it comes with will ensure people handle it with care.

Finally, the holes at the bottom of the bag allow the transporting and anti-tip wheels to stick out so that you can pull our Luggie portable mobility scooters along in its bag with ease.

The show will be presented by Shaun Ryan with Nigel Collins and Judi Strain at 3pm. Tune in on Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747 or Freesat 812.