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Portable mobility scooter on cruise ship

Sooner or later many of our customers will consider cruising for their next trip away. With the holiday period rapidly approaching we thought it would be helpful to share with you just some of the benefits a Luggie portable mobility scooter can bring to your cruising experience.

Portable mobility scooters and cruises

We know accessibility is a major factor in planning holidays for many of our customers. But having the pleasure of cruising the oceans without having to worry about getting around the ship is at hand with a little help from Luggie.

Now a days, the newer and larger vessels are more accessible and designed to cater for mobility scooters. And even older ships now are refurbished with passenger mobility in mind. Mobility scooters are now seen as the norm on most major cruise lines! So gone is that fear of walking around a huge cruise liner and all the travelling that comes with any excursions.

Assistance is always on hand on all ships for boarding. However, it’s worth checking with your chosen cruise line about using your mobility scooter at the various destinations your vessel may visit. Why not give them a call before you book? Most cruise lines have a dedicated accessibility team who would be more than happy to help.

Another key point when booking your cruise is the cabin you will be staying in for your vacation. Although most cruise lines have fully accessible rooms it’s always worth confirming with the cruise line. But since your Luggie portable mobility scooter is very light weight, you don’t need to worry about it folding up and easily packing away.

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In summary using a mobility scooter on a cruise ship is now the norm. Especially with the freedom a Luggie portable mobility scooter brings you! Just don’t forget to pack your charger before you embark on the voyage of a lifetime!

Portable mobility scooter on cruise ship