Portable mobility scooters – who are we and what do we offer?

Why choose Luggie portable mobility scooters? What makes us so different to all the other mobility aide companies out there? Well, for a start, we are the home of the original portable folding scooter. What’s more, our customer service is second to none and we offer an extensive range of mobility scooter accessories, as well as the scooters themselves.

Portable mobility scooters

As we so often point out, a mobility scooter will provide that renewed sense of freedom. It is a way of gaining independence again when you may not be able to move as easily as you used to. Loss of mobility is never easy, particularly if it is sudden. That’s why Luggie portable mobility scooters work tirelessly to help those who need it most. We want you to take those independent shopping trips again, be able to meet up with your friends easily and just be able to pop down to the shops as and when you need.

Luggie portable mobility scooters

As well as stocking the famous portable mobility scooters, we also offer free home demonstrations, Luggie mobility scooter accessories and reviews of our tried and tested products. What’s more, our scooters come with warranty. Finance packages are also available. We understand financial stress also comes with an accident or needing a mobility aide. We therefore want to help alleviate that as much as possible.

Mobility scooter accessories

We have an extensive range of mobility scooter accessories, including the off board charging unit, spare batteries, seat cushions and arm rests. Our newest accessory is the Luggie travel bag, meaning you can transport your portable mobility scooter with ease.

So if you’ve been wondering for a while now what your best option is when it comes to getting out and about again, then why not speak to a friendly member of our team? You’re under no obligation to purchase; our advisors are here to help no matter your circumstances.