Family holiday with the Luggie

At Manchester airport on the way out the young lady at the baggage check-in was reluctant to accept my scooter because of its weight. However I pointed out I’d travelled with SAS before with a much heavier electric wheelchair. Eventually I was directed to a hidden away special baggage area where they accepted it without question.

I met a man with the identical scooter and case who was also flying with SAS albeit on a different flight and we compared notes. We’d both had the same experience. Thereafter everything went absolutely smoothly. As I travel alone I have to have help in the airport terminals and no-one refused to ‘dolly’ the case. Likewise taxi drivers were most obliging – I always asked for estate cars. For the return flight I did put the battery in my hand luggage in order to reduce the weight of the scooter case but I don’t think I need have bothered.

In the Oslo suburbs the Luggie coped perfectly with the steeper paths and pavements and it went with me on the T-bane (underground) into the city centre. I didn’t go on buses but they are mostly wheelchair accessible. I am now planning my next trip!

30th June 2019

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