Luggie Does Burlesque (written by Sharon Roberts)

Headline – Luggie Does Burlesque (written by Sharon Roberts)

I viewed the Luggie in March 2016 by which time I had already located a tutor who would work with me and Luggie so that I could continue my burlesque journey despite increasing mobility issues.
My hubby took me to my first ever burlesque show in 2011 and I fell in love with burlesque and asked for a lesson as a Christmas present. Hubby managed to find me an 8 week course and I was smitten. Although I said I would never wear a corset or perform in public at my first class. That was January 2012 and I performed in March that year as part of a troupe! I continued to do that until 2016 when my mobility issues started to worsen. I developed my first solo act with Luggie ”Born to be Wild”

Luggie has a stage name, we are known as Pixie Rider and Luscious Legs and our strap line is ”The sassy looking lassie with the separate chassis”

I have already made several changes to my first act and really enjoy receiving feedback from audience members, other performers and producers so that I can improve the acts and get the message across that ”people with disabilities can still do burlesque, we just have to do it differently.”

I am debuting this act as part of Burlesque Idol in the September heat, I will be on the stage at the Hippodrome Casino Leicester Square so if you around on the 29th September come and see how Luggie works on the Stage.

I don’t think any other scooter would have been as successful, for several reasons including it folds into skateboard mode so I can hide it under a sparkly red cloth before I go on stage, all parts like the seat are part of the whole so easy to build into mobile mode on stage and the tight turning circle it does has been a must as some stages are tiny!

28th June 2019

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