Luggie scooter
Luggie scooter

My marvellous Luggie Scooter didn’t miss a beat- Pam Richardson

Hi- You may recall that I sent you an email 9th March this year saying that my husband I were planning a 5 week trip to Ireland and the UK with my (magical, amazing, origami) Luggie Scooter.

We returned early July and had the most amazing time. (We were there during your wonderful ‘heat wave’!). My marvellous Luggie Scooter didn’t miss a beat. We hired a Fiat station wagon and travelled just under 4,000 kms. We started in Hampshire, then Devon, Hereford, Wales, Ireland and Warwickshire. I’ve enclosed 3 photos.

We also travelled in the UK for 6 weeks in 2015 and again, my Luggie was trouble free.

I’ve had my Luggie for almost 3 years and I use it almost daily – I have a large garden with accessible paths. I also shop regularly at our large, local shopping malls. (I can easily squeeze between the clothing racks and the shelves in the bookshops etc). My husband drops me off and picks me up 3 hours later – so marvellous to have my independence. (And LOL not having my husband checking my extravagant purchases!).

It was so reassuring to know that you were available to provide assistance Kathryn wherever we were travelling – thank you.

Kind regards and best wishes, Pam (Richardson) Canberra Photos: Portmerion Powerscourt Gardens– County Wicklow Kew Gardens

10th June 2019

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