Super Scooter lives up to its name- Judi Strain

I bought the Luggie Super Scooter earlier on his year for cruise holidays more than anything else. It is wonderful! It has freed not only me but also my husband to be able to do more. I was aware that I always held him back and as my arthritis has progressed it has become more and more difficult. Now I am free and can enjoy myself to go on more trips and just to wander round the ports we stop at. In addition to holidays I can enjoy the garden centres without wanting to sit down all the time to rest. It is brilliant to buy from a company like this where Nigel spent a whole afternoon with us making sure that everything was just right, especially as the Super was a very new model at that point in time. If you phone up everyone is so helpful and emails are responded to within minutes.. Great customer service and brilliant product.

28th June 2019

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