To those who were like me undecided and nervous I say ”Go ahead you will never regret it”

I have had my Luggie Elite for a few months and I am loving it. I’ve never driven a car, having failed my driving test and held off getting a mobility scooter because I was nervous on taking one out and driving it around. How was I going to drive along a pavement, would I be able to reverse it without banging into anything and how would I be able to cross a road? No worries! I phoned up Luggie after watching the demonstrations on Ideal World and along came Shaun, his knowledge on how luggie worked was excellent. He explained everything in a way I could understand, he showed me how to use it, folding it down and then how to put it back up. He took me around the inside of my flat, getting through doors etc.

We then went down to the car park and went through the different speeds and reversing, then out onto the road, he showed how to cross the road safely and how to align the scooter with the crossing. I would never have had such all round instructions and help if I had purchased one from a shop. Shaun even showed my husband and son the best way to put it into the boot of a car. He was so patient, never rushing through it. I’ve been on a bus with it, folding it easily to take it on board. I drive it into the supermarkets getting up and down isles easily. I can get into spaces that bigger scooters can’t right up to the tills to pay.

With my mobility problems a walk to town was a nightmare, it was one or two shops then I had to go home. Not anymore, my Luggie has given me a new lease of life. I can go where I want and as far as I want…. Thankyou Shaun and Luggie for changing my life. To those who were like me, undecided and nervous I say ”Go ahead you will never regret it” P.S it’s onto a plane next!

Wendy Pritchard

10th June 2019

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