We love my Luggie

Fortunately, we saw an advert for The Luggie and decided to give it a try. It proved invaluable, so easy to fold and fit into the luggage spaces on every kind of train, as well as for getting around hotels, tourist attractions, in and out of taxis. It is also much lighter than my other scooters for lifting, which means less strain for my wife when helping me when helping Me.

The Luggie mobility scooter is robust, able to withstand all the folding and unfolding, and rough handling by porters and other helpers! As the batteries are light, I was always able to carry a spare, in a small rucksack on the back of the seat. I have been amazed at the way my Luggie scooter performs on all kinds of terrain, up and down hills, around tight corners and in public places. Several times whilst travelling in Switzerland we were approached by others who wanted to buy it, or get one like it! I highly recommend the Luggie to anyone, particularly for travelling on any form of transport. My wife and I are now planning another trip to Germany.

30th June 2019

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