The Luggie Scooter is perfect for days out, shopping and getting more out of life.

We’re approaching the holiday season and many people are thinking it would be great to go away with the family and grandchildren but worry that the trip will be too much for them.

Our customers tell us that a big reason for them buying a mobility scooter was they knew they were going to struggle to get to or around their destination. Just the thought of a trip to the Zoo or a theme park would become a pressure as they knew they couldn’t cover that kind of distance. They pretty much declined any visit that involved walking or standing for periods of time as this would cause them extreme discomfort and then they felt a burden or that they had spoiled the day. In reality your family and friends want to spend time with you and you with them and there’s nothing better than sharing and enjoying new experiences.

The Luggie range of Mobility Scooters are perfect for holidays and days out, its compact and easy to pack away and put in the boot of a car, when you arrive at your destination it takes 30 seconds to unfold and your away. Our Folding Scooter is ideal for buses, coaches, trains or even the tube in London!

Our Scooters are tough and robust and cover all terrain, they are lightweight and easy for you to handle. It’s manufactured to last and it should be no surprise that the Luggie Super it is the only small travel scooter in the world which carries up to 25.7 stone and is The world’s most popular folding holiday mobility scooter.

If you think the Luggie Portable Scooter maybe a great travelling companion and would like more details or a demonstration contact us on 0800 012 4258.

The Luggie Team are taking a trip to Southport Flower Show 18-21st August, if you would like to come along and see us at the show, we are able to help you purchase tickets at a reduced rate of £16.00 at www.southportflowershow.co.uk before the end of June using the discount code TRADE.

Enjoy more Freedom and new experiences this Summer with Luggie!