Thinking of booking a home demonstration?

We talk a lot about our free, no obligation home demonstrations and home visits but that’s only because we believe the best way to show off our Luggie lightweight mobility scooters is for you to see and use them for yourself! There’s only so much we can get across using pictures, videos and words on a screen.

Our home demonstrations allow you to get hands on with one of our mobility scooters and ask our team whatever you’d like to know about our products.

We’ve come up with a list of what we think are key questions to ask during your home demonstration to make sure we can tell you which Luggie would be perfect for your needs.

What to ask during your folding mobility scooter home demonstration?

It’s important to ask how to charge your battery, whether you need to buy any extras and how to take care of it and preserve it. What use is having a powerful lithium battery if you don’t know how to recharge it and use it over and over again?

Don’t be afraid to ask for a test drive! It’s all good and well someone else showing you how to work it, but until you get in the driving seat yourself you won’t know what it’s actually like!

Find out how you can look after the scooter in the best way. Where do you need to store it? Will you be able to use it inside your home? Will it fit through your front door? These are all important questions that your demonstrator will be able to answer.

Don’t forget about your insurance! Currently, it’s not a legal requirement to have mobility scooter insurance, but we would always advise getting out a policy.

Luggie Mobility Scooters

So if you are interested in a mobility scooter home demonstration, get in contact with one of our team today and we can get that book in for a date that suits you!