Thinking of buying your first ever lightweight mobility scooter?

Lightweight Mobility Scooters are completely adaptable and durable. It can be seen as a medical device and a lifestyle choice. Either way, it is a means to enhancing a person’s life. However, if it is your first time buying or you are renewing your mobility scooter, it can be very confusing.

Mobility Scooters are used by many as an essential way of transportation and getting around on a daily basis. However, before you purchase, have a look at these pointers and see if they can help with your decision:

Considering your budget is the best place to start in your decision making. Take into account your medical and personal preferences. Luggie Mobility Scooters also offer a finance plan to help make things a little easier.

Lightweight Mobility Scooters

Decide whether you would rather have an easily dismantled scooter which can fit in the boot of cars, or a non portable model. It just depends on your lifestyle. All Luggie Mobility Scooters are folding and easily travel.

Mobility Scooters are easy to use, but just be sure you know the basics before you purchase! Also take into account the size of the mobility scooter. People are all different shapes and size! and so are our scooters!

It’s also a good idea to have an understanding about how and why you’re going to be using your mobility scooter before you buy it. If you plan on using your Luggie Lightweight Mobility Scooter for mainly pavement travel, then you will be best suited to class 2 mobility scooters. However, a class 3 scooter is larger and heavier, making them more suitable to be driven on the road. They are also better for longer journeys, but you will find they are more expensive than a class 2 scooter.

If you are in the decision making process of a new mobility scooter, then Luggie are showcasing at Southport Flower Show this Thursday 17th – Sunday 20th August. Come and say hello!