Travel Mobility Scooter – as summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to buy!

Travel Mobility Scooter

Summer is the time of year to enjoy the great outdoors. Although enjoyable, these hot summer days can make simple journeys more tiresome. Luckily, Luggie Mobility Scooters specialise in a wide range of portable, folding and travel mobility scooters to help you get out and about and enjoying the summer again.

Don’t forget, a travel mobility scooter doesn’t mean it is just for jetsetting! Being able to enjoy your garden and local area again is often an undersold benefit of the portable and lightweight Luggie Mobility Scooter.

We truly believe in this product and we have seen it for ourselves how life changing it can be, especially when it comes to getting your freedom and independence back. It is currently Mental Health Awareness week, so we would love for you to have the means to spend more time with friends and family. Perhaps visit a loved one, visit the park with the grandchildren or enjoy this wonderful British countryside with a break away.


Mobility Scooter Accessories

Thanks to the popularity of mobility scooters in recent years, there’s now also an extensive range of accessories that can be purchased along with your new scooter. These include replacement batteries and spare chargers, so you can be sure to enjoy a full day out without running out of charge!

The summer season usually means a holiday and it’s never been easier to get about on your travels, whether it’s in this country or abroad. Our travel mobility scooters are easy enough to fit in the boot of a car. They can also be taken on cruise ships and aeroplanes; just check with the airline before you fly!

All in all, a mobility scooter is the ideal solution to ensure you get to enjoy the summer. From simply pottering in the garden or taking that trip you always wanted, Luggie Mobility Scooters can definitely help!