Travel Mobility Scooters – it’s the end of September already!

As the nights draw in and the weather turns distinctly colder, you might be thinking wistfully of warmer climes. However, you might also be thinking that this isn’t possible as you use a mobility scooter to get around. Luggie Mobility Scooters are happy to tell you that their travel mobility scooters do exactly what they say on the tin. You can now take them on planes, trains and even cruise ships. They also fit compactly in the boot of a car. Basically, the possibilities are endless!

Here at Luggie Mobility Scooters, we completely understand the frustration of consistently needing the help of an aid to get about. We also appreciate just what a big transition it is if you’re having to use a mobility scooter due to an accident or declining health. However, our aim is to make things as easy and stress free as possible for you.

Taking your Travel Mobility Scooters abroad

Double check what your airline’s guidelines are. They tend to be very accommodating as long as they’re aware of your needs. For example, whether you’ll need a substitute around the airport before you board.

Cruise ships are now more accessible than ever and a great way of seeing the world. What’s more, they take you to places where you can find hot, sunny days in December! If you let the company know that you’re going to be travelling with a scooter, they can accommodate you with a bigger room.

If you don’t like the idea of flying or being on water for an extended amount of time, you could visit places via the Eurotunnel. Travel Mobility Scooters are easily transported on trains. However, if you are happy to stay in England (and we know some people do enjoy winter!) then our travel mobility scooters fit comfortably in the boot of a car. York is beautiful at Christmas!