Travel Mobility Scooters – Out and about this Easter!

A travel mobility scooter really comes into its own on a Bank Holiday and with Easter on its way. For most, this means children being off schools, some early sunshine on an abroad getaway and general outdoor activities as the weather begins to warm up and our nights become lighter. However, some holidays such as Easter can cause undue distress for those who are worrying about how they’re going to leave the house.

It is very much a reality and is not just confined to public holidays. For some, getting out and about can be a daunting prospect if they have a limiting disability or are less able on their feet as others.

That’s where we come in. Luggie Mobility Scooters have been helping people regain their independence for many years now and as a company we have become more established and continue to grow. We pride ourselves on our second to none customer service, our expert team and our quality products.

The Luggie Scooter is perfect for getting out shopping, days out with family and friends and generally getting more out of life. Our folding mobility scooters are easily folded and placed in the boot of a car, making it the ideal travel companion you can take with you. Or if you’re thinking of venturing further afield, the Travel Mobility Scooters can be taken on trains, buses, cruise ships and now most major airlines. This had offered a new-found freedom to many of our clients, all of whom have given great feedback on the product.

Travel Mobility Scooters

The Lightweight Mobility Scooter is also an excellent tool to get you out in the garden when the sun is shining. A lot of our customers tell us that losing their mobility means they are unable to carry out everyday tasks and we have a lot of people express their disappointment at not being able to get in their gardens anymore. It’s stories where we have helped transform people’s lives after illness or debilitating conditions that prove to us just how beneficial our scooters are and it’s these stories that we particularly enjoy hearing.

Travel mobility scooters are also an excellent way to combat loneliness. So if you have an elderly relative, or a family member living on their own who you’re worried are isolated or lonely, a travel mobility scooter is the ideal solution and can really help them get out and about, even if it’s just to call in on a neighbor for a coffee!