What you need to know about our Travel Mobility Scooters

Travel Mobility Scooters

Luggie travel mobility scooters have changed many lives. This has happened through allowing people that cannot usually travel to locations they have always wanted to go, to have the ability to move around just like anyone else. In addition, Luggie travel mobility scooters are very easy to navigate especially in small spaces.

Furthermore, our travel mobility scooters are airline approved because they can be folded into a small enough size to fit in the luggage area! Therefore, no place is off limit when you own a Luggie travel mobility scooter. Moreover, it takes seconds to fold the scooter, so you don’t have to worry about travelling in cars or trains.

Free Mobility Scooter home Demo

So, if you are interested in a Luggie scooter we offer potential customers a free home demonstration. This will include how to work and start-up the scooter as well as, showing you the features of the product. During the demonstration you are welcome to ask any questions, nothing will be left unanswered.

To get your home demo started all you must do is fill in the form online which is easily accessible via our website. You are also given some time to use the Luggie on your own to ensure you know if it is good for you. After that, you can purchase a scooter on the day and get it while we are visiting you.

Moreover, there are 9 different scooters to choose from which all are foldable making them perfect for touring. We have sold over 20,00 travel mobility scooters and our feedback has been amazing. Also, after you have purchased you Luggie scooter we have numerous aftercare service. These include warranty, breakdown cover, insurance and support! So, if you want to be another happy customer then please contact us today!

Call our friendly customer service team now on 0800 012 4258 or email info@luggiescooters.com